1. Laptop won't charge while playing M&B Banner Lord

    I'm having charging issues playing Mount and Blade Banner lord. I have reinstalled the driver, reinstalled windows 10 as well as bought a new charger. My laptop is a brand new Predator Helios 300 that I bought two weeks ago. I only Experience this issue while playing Mount and Blade Banner Lord...
  2. Someone please help me with this.

    So I have bought this game day one and it runs horribly I have a gtx 970, i5 6400 and 8gb ram. (i know cpu isnt the best) When I shoot a bandit the game freezes for 2 seconds, game stutters the whole time. Cant even walk in a city without wanting to alt f4. Please help I have tried lowering...
  3. permanent community lock

    Good afternoon. I do not agree with permanent blocking, as I am a tester. I can not write topics, manuals. Steam tech support replied that it was TaleWorlds that could change the limit. Issue a temporary lock, remove the permanent. I attach a link to the profile...
  4. CeyXiong


    We have a clan and we want to more practice these quarantine days. Becouse practice makes perfect. So please get support community servers for bannerlord. Thanks for your interests... :)
  5. SomeOnesBody

    Inputs freeze

    I already had a post about this in beta, but now that we're in early access I suppose I should open the discussion again. I'm not sure how to describe this, the game does not lag, but occasionally my mouse will stop moving the camera and all my inputs freeze for a couple of seconds. So if i'm...
  6. Any option to turn off party financial support?

    I startet creating a second party for my clan and noticed that I suddenly have to pay "financial support" in addition to the new party´s wages. I figured "heh, gonna go away after a few days, probably just to help them out". Lo and behold, after draining ~1000-1600 denars from me every day for...
  7. Unsolved Not reading my GPU??

    I started the game in early access and it worked great on very high graphics settings. I started the game today and it says i only have 128mb gpu memory avaibable which wont run Jack. I have an RTX 2060 with I think 6 GB memory. Please help me fix this asap so i can play on my time off.
  8. jericho246

    Please add controller support & Steam Cloud save support ASAP. It's needed for GeForce NOW Players.

    So the game is on GeForce NOW. That's great. But most people using GFN are using CONTROLLERS! And controllers are not supported in this game. Please make it happen TaleWorlds. I want to play this god damn game from my couch with my controller! I gave the game a positive review so please consider...
  9. Ability Editing

    We all know in warband you could start a new game, export your character editing his money and attributes making him a super weapon (so to speak) I'm just wondering is this feature took out completely ? or is there a way that im missing?
  10. Unsolved Problem with helpdesk site

    When I try to post an issue in helpdesk site: it says: "Couldn't post your support request!" I filled all fields and captcha, used valid e-mail address, and didnt used any special chars in text. My issue was 530 chars long. Also I suggest to use https on...
  11. Callum

    Forum Bug/Issue/Error Reporting

    If you experience any issues with the website or forums, please leave a detailed report of the problem in this thread. Any supporting evidence, such as a screenshot, would be extremely useful to us for tracking the issue down and fixing it!