1. Asokanta

    In Progress Getting "Steam is not open. Please open Steam" error while uploading mod to Steam Workshop

    I searched about this but literally nothing came up. Any helps? I also tried uploading mod with SteamCMD. I can upload but when I try to download it, it doesn't install mod to the warband's modules folder. I can easily log in with SteamCMD and it doesn't say "Steam is not...
  2. Consul_Kaiser

    Steam Workshop coming in soon based on Modding Kit Content update

    See below of recent changes done to the modding kit done 5 days ago: Modified – Modules/SandBox/bin/Win64_Shipping_wEditor/SandBox.dll Modified – Modules/StoryMode/bin/Win64_Shipping_wEditor/StoryMode.dll Modified – bin/Win64_Shipping_wEditor/Bannerlord.Native.exe Modified –...
  3. five bucks

    What happened to "building a criminal empire"?

    Publicly showcased Bannerlord gameplay demo from 2016:']Devblog which followed the demo: Steam Store page description, visible to everyone buying Bannerlord since March 2020: For 5 years, Taleworlds has told the 5,000,000+ people...
  4. thefirst1nvad3r

    [Steam] Offerte e Giochi Gratis del Momento

    Offerte e Giochi Gratis del Momento Ho deciso di aprire questo piccolo topic per segnalare le migliori offerte del momento su Steam, che potrebbero essere interessanti per chi è in cerca di giochi per colmare l'attesa di nuovi aggiornamenti per Bannerlord! Chiunque può segnalare un'offerta che...
  5. Riffraff99

    Why are the steam reviews so good?

    Please explain it to me, i just cant understand it. Bannerlord Steam Reviews
  6. Oggyi

    Resolved Mount & Blade Warband wont launch Steam Windows 10

    Hello, I have been trying to play Mount & Blade Warband for several days. Unfortunately I found that I can not play it because it does not start. I have informed myself before I have written the Therad and already tried everything reinstallation, clean installation, also I tried to download the...
  7. Another key problem

    I have bought the game on steam a couple of years ago and played it with no problem. Trying to get back into it again but it won't let me do manual or automatic activation. Even though my key is correct and the game is allowed through the firewall. I even turned off my firewall entirely and it...
  8. Home made npc

    Steam Atolyesi

    Bu oyunda mod ögelerinin değer görmesini beklediğim için bu postu atıyorum.Warbanden daha da zevkli bir oyuna daha da fazla renk katması için bire bir olan bir eklentiden bahsediyorum ve bu oyunun modlarının ve kendisinin değer görmesini beklerim...
  9. Riffraff99

    Is the Forum a pit of disappointment? Yes it is :]

    I looked recently at the current reviews for Bannerlord on Steam and noticed that it seems like the majority likes the game alot meanwhile the steamcharts say something else.
  10. Resolved Launcher Problem

    Hello Tale Worlds People 2 or 3 days ago I bought M&B:Bannerlord on Steam. Then I started to play 3-4 hours. However, when I wanted to play again I could not open the game cuz launcher icon pop up then disappear. I am not using any mods btw These thing that I tried to open M&B:Bannerlord Clean...
  11. Bannerlord Launcher Açılmıyor

    Merhabalar, Ben dün steam den Bannerlord aldım. Fakat oyunum açılmadı bugün forumda dolaştım ve tüm çözümleri denedim değişen bir şey yok 1)dosyaları doğruladım açılmadı 2)bin dosyasını sildim, dosylaarı doğruladım açılmadı 3)belgelerden mount and blade dosyasını sildim yine açılmadı bin...

    i start steam after that i lauch my game and click on single player and play (in native WITHOUT mods) and anything after JUST ANYTHING... i don't understand... my launching windows close and in steam i read game is lauched.. HELP ME PLEASE !!
  13. Epic Games Ve Steam

    Merhaba arkadaşlar konuyu yanlış bölümde açtıysam şimdiden özür dilerim. Epic Games üzerinden oyunu almak istiyorum fakat Steam'den satın alan arkadaşlarım ile oynayabiliyor muyum bilmiyorum kafama takıldı bu soru bazı forum sitelerine sordum fakat pek cevap veremediler buraya sormamı önerdiler...
  14. Unhelpful Steam moderator (elysebluemoon_TW)

    This person is being very unhelpful/incompetent or is blatantly taking the mick at this point. He doesn't read the replies people send him in the threads and just answers with a generic reply as if he had it pre-written in his notepad and he just copies and pastes the exact same reply to all of...
  15. A Key não funciona? (Key dont work?) PT-BR.

    Comprei o jogo na steam e tentei ativar a Key mas não está indo. Diz que não estou conectado com a internet. Porém quando tento fazer a ativação manualmente (é uma outra opção) também não funciona. Alguém me ajuda? Devo solicitar um reembolso ou é apenas um erro temporário? Desde já agradeço...
  16. buckZor

    Latest v1.5.4 HOTFIX broke ButterLib! Can we revert within v1.5.4 via Steam?

    Hello, my mods, and thus savegame, rely on ButterLib. The latest v1.5.4 hotfix pushed out through Steam has a conflict with ButterLib. I was playing late last night without issue now today I am dead in the water, can't launch game. Is there anyway for me to revert my v1.5.4 build back, or do...
  17. shranayshahane

    Resolved Can I claim games that I bought on Taleworlds on steam?

    So I have all the m&b games except Bannerlord (I own this on steam) and I would like to have them in my steam (so I can craft badges and stuff). Is there way to do this without buying all the games again?
  18. Unresolved Main Game File/Launcher Disappears

    I bought Mount and Blade about 2 years ago, and never had any issues. I love the game and can still pick it up and play it for hours on end, however during one such binge about a week ago the game stopped working. I had finished playing the game the night before as usual and saved and turned off...
  19. Seabhac

    In Progress Modding Kit, Steam Updates and News, Regional Issue

    Hello, On Steam US user, the Mount & Blade Bannerlords - Modding Kit in the update menu view news link ( leads to an incorrect region error. Thanks,
  20. Epic Games M&BBannerlord Gives Steam Error

    Getting "unable to initialize steam api" error after todays patch.
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