Need More Info Leader Gang weapons bug

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Yes, I used mods.


if u try to do the quest on version 1.5.5., lets say he needs 28 1h axes,

u buy the axes, and then turn in the quest, they literally take up items in ur melee inventory (swords/polearms) for me it look my polearms and long glaives i had.

>;( so yeah it's a big bug lol.

i also was using the horselock mod, idk if it affects it but i doubt it.

but yeah can't do these quests if im hiolding onto other melee weapons they'll literally jsut get turned in before the one handed axes


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Hi! Unfortunately, we cannot offer technical support for modded games and we need to be sure that mods aren't causing the problems. Check out our full statement regarding modding related issues. Could you please try removing all of your mods following the instructions on this article and reproduce this again? Thanks!
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