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What should the next video be about?

  • -Make it a reenactment video, representing one of Napoleon's greatest battles(post your suggestion b

    Votes: 8 61.5%
  • -Do it as you did before, make it up in your mind and show us!

    Votes: 5 38.5%

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  • Poll closed .

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EDIT(20.05.2012.)Here's the final product: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmPsx-KwNj0&feature=youtu.be
I really hope you'll love this; Rate,Subsctribe or Comment. Thank you.
Huge thanks to 18e and the 6th Regiment of Foot for participating in this even, love yall.
For other machinimas of mine for Napoleonic Wars and organizing these kinds of events, I'll be announcing and posting information here.
All rights reserved.
Info is given to a proud member of 18e, Gwyrdh, via Steam. Add me on Steam for info or send a PM. :wink:
We will do it today, at 4/5 GMT. If anyone else can attend, tell me if you're more suitable with 4GMT or 5GMT.
Recording is finished. I'd like to thank every single person that was in this project.
Only thing left is it being fully edited and posted here!
Stay tuned! :wink:
As I said, Menelaos, I'll be making these videos quite often with anyone who would want to join. 18e and 6th will be here, with me, in all upcoming series. I've planned an individual project related to this where everyone will be able to participate. The bigger credit list, the better.

Hello again, people!
This time, I wanted to ask you what should be the next project like (any specific battle etc.). Reason is simply because I wanna do what people are desired to see in the next video.
Also, you can Sign Up here just like the last time.
Poll updated.
Thanks for replying, mates. Obviously, it's 7:3 in the poll, currently the reenactment video is in the matter of being made. We'll just see how the poll goes in few days and I'll say which one's next.
And Menelaos, thanks. Add me on Steam, lord_janko.
Again, all of you can Sign Up here if willing so.
Cheers. :wink:
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