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Hello taleWorlds,

I just wanted to come here and say thank you for the tremendous work you have done on this game. I got the game during the 1.4 so june 2020 if I remember well, and everytime I tried a new playthrough after some months a lot of work has been done.

Very first of all, the plaging talking system that forced the graphics to load, that was an ender. Then the captain system oh god yes that now makes companions much more interesting. But the main problem was siege, such a fu***** nightmare ! Watching your T5 infantry go up and down those ladders while getting massacred by the militia defender, so infuriating !

Nonetheless, the game always had a great feeling of freedom and being part of something greater than us.This is one of this very few game when you are not an omnipotent hero of having a destiny or some ****, you are a nobody and you need to fight to get to the top, and I love it so much !!! The different cultures, the map, the mechanics, the order systems, all of that was already super good when it came out.

But last and foremost, thank you for the MUCH NEEDED optimization. Last March there was still stuterring for me and that usually made me stop the game out of frustration. Right now I can go with 500 cavalry vs those pesky khuzaits horse archers and everything is so smooth !!! I do not have the slightest idea of how you solved the problem but thank you very much for your commitment to this game. I am going back to unify the empire now :grin:
Yes, optimization is going on track. I do hope they improve it more. I'm just starting to experiment with bigger army sizes and the game runes smooth, unlike the early days.
I, too, am happy with how far optimization has come. When I started playing a couple years ago, my computer would get a little hot during battles. However, with full release it now stays cool as a cucumber even on larger, longer-running battles.

In general, I'm happy also with how the overall game has turned out, though am looking forward to the additional upcoming features discussed in the full release announcement, for example being able to retire your clan leader and continue on with a younger successor early instead of waiting for old age to claim the current leader.

As far as bugs, there were only two that I noticed these past few weeks that I've been playing the full release version. One was fixed, and that was new wanderers not spawning (I had one die in a battle and I noticed not long after that their entry in the encyclopedia disappeared not long after and that a Bitterdraught had spawned in new afterwards). The other bug is a small one: character portraits having red eyes. I know someone said that they found a fix by changing their graphics settings...maybe someone will share the fix. I know many would be really thankful if they did.
Hi 3D modeling devs. Will you ever look into "inconsistencies" with several bows in game? I dont want to depend on this mod forever.

As author states:
Many of the bows are strung backwards, and most have no string nocks and are strung in an impossible way.

And me, being real life traditional horsebow archer (old hungarian types) would appreciate it greatly. Thanks 🖖
I have a way to fix this mod, you can open the moduledata and find items.xml (or items_replace.xml / items_rbm.xml, according to your choice) , open it with a note pad, then change every "item_modifier_group" into "modifier_group"
Thanks for the tip brother. I will try it later when home. Still, official correction would be much appreciated. Developer from country that brought reflex bows technology to the world's top should be able to honor traditions of their ancestors with proper representation of the weapons.
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