Need More Info Issue where there is random restarts of my computer

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I have no idea why other than maybe a issue with the cpu or a memory leakage of the game itself. Im not entirely sure what the issue may be but it has caused the game to restart the pc itself for some reason. If their is any idea as to what may be going on I would be interested.Also to note the computer has done just fine running more cpu intensive games. So it overheating not entirely sure if that is the issue.
System Specs
gtx 970
i7-4790 3.6


Hey everyone, sorry for the late reply. Is there anyone still experiencing this issue after recently released patches on this post? If so please let me know.

How long have you been in the game when the crash happened? Can you please make sure your OS and your drivers are up to date and share your config settings with us. And please let us know of your computer's memory usage while playing the game.
I have finally got the game to load with no-Mods or with Mods. I'm not sure what I did though...
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