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"New_Players are never new" ~ Veledentella 2021
This client-side MP-only Native modification (compatible with NeoGK) provides its users with many new features, as it enhances their gameplay and enriches their experience.​

Releases and platforms

Current stable release: v1.1 (final patched update)
WSE usage: not recommended and discouraged (has many shortcomings and bugs which are not present in vanilla)
Recommended language: English (non-Latin scripts not supported now in addition to rarer derivatives of Latin characters)

Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2628094984
Nexus: https://www.nexusmods.com/mbwarband/mods/6436
ModDB: https://www.moddb.com/mods/varena-neogk

Features and adjustments (media included)

  1. Faction-colored (rebels included) players' name labels to differentiate between players in almost all gamemodes (disabled in Battle for balance's sake)
  2. Beautiful new high-resolution textures and a brand new font to escape from the routine
  3. Only MP code - SP code removed altogether with bulky SP files like scenes (maps, in other words) for less RAM and disk space used and faster load times
  4. A brand new animated main menu and a new User Interface with its options
  5. A new substituted Black Armor, Helmet and Greaves to replace their old ugly counterparts
  6. A reworked face creation window with a static character to make people's experience much more pleasant
  7. User Interface elements can now be hidden to facilitate making more immersive screenshots and videos
  8. Poll visuals overhauled in order not to cover the killfeed and make people less annoyed by sudden pop-ups
  9. 32 new scenes (maps, in other words) to behold and maybe use (conditions apply; look here: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?threads/lsp-scenes-veledentellas-scenes.447436/)
  10. Minor visual stuff, such as water splashes when missiles dive into it, shaking camera upon death and so forth
  11. Minor things too small to be mentioned here

  1. Super zoom (disabled in Battle for balance's sake)
  2. Ultra zoom (disabled in Battle for balance's sake)
  3. Bloody screen after being slain
  4. Killfeed messages upon being spawned, slain and killing others (the latter get colored as killstreak progresses; teamkills count as well**)
  5. Lifetime statistics conveniently showing important information during gameplay (kills are the only thing not present across all gamemodes**)
  6. Fiery footprints when on rampage (>10 kills for infantry/ ranged, >20 for cavalry)
  7. Session statistics counting ratio of kills/ deaths and time spent of playing in a session with a breakdown per factions and classes* (be careful - due to an engine property, values get erased upon navigating back to the main menu, therefore for their preservation, you may want to stay in the MP menu)
  8. Character greenscreen - capturing current character's face, armor and one item used - allowing to easily cut out a picture for many uses, such as a template for memes or other types of pictures
  9. Team score now also shows class distribution per team (values get updated every 30 seconds for performance's sake)*
  10. Labels now support people's HP absolute and percentage values (enabled only in Duel for balance's sake)
  11. Banner selection window has been reworked to support one scrollable page with all banners
  12. Fire missiles no longer burst fire in deep water
  13. Torches and fire missiles set hit horses and humans on fire for 3 seconds if they are not underwater (only on locally-hosted server because of an engine malfunction)
*Khergit Lancers are counted as infantry (Dismounted Lancers) due to an engine bug taking the class from SP
**Disabled in Invasion for obvious reasons - slaying bots is easy and would spam the killfeed/ display inflated amount of kills
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