I miss making Jeremus a Duke. A list of Clans Features suggestions (looking for answers and opinions.)

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Recently I have been looking into the forums and devs replies, yet I might have missed one of the key features (or any mention of it) a late-game player would have used in Warband. Making your loyal companions into vassals…

This feature might be added within future updates that aim to improve companion’s mechanics. Or for future kingdom mechanics. But is yet something that I miss a lot and seeing how easily mods like “LordsFromFamily”(that lacks an update for 1.5.10) implemented it in such a natural way that fells like something that should’ve been there since the launch.

It would be great to have some devs to see these suggestions for clan related features:

P.s sorry if this is repetitive in any way.

  • Making companions into vassals: If you have one free settlement, would be using features from “LordsFromFamily” like, marrying companions, creating their own clan, choosing the clan level Banner and name, and starting gold from own coffers.
Now for the main part of this Thread.
  • Minor Branches Clan (MBCs)
P.s² I know that some of these features would be very complex and difficult to implement, firstly due to the increase of party numbers and IA decision, secondly because TW approach on making the game less complex and welcoming for new players, thirdly because of inner priorities and development issues during present and future patchs and game versions.

Minor Branches Features is a way to deepen and expand Clan mechanics and late-game complexity. Allowing/forcing the IA and the Player to use influence and interact within the clan and kingdom decision smartly. This would be feature/suggestion is focused in dividing existing clans and the player clan after some time into game, some clans might also start with some aspects of it:

  • As a Major Clan gains land, renown and influence it would also be able to form MBCs (MBCs limits are based on the Major Clan renown level)
  • MBCs can only be created by promoting family members (brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts).
  • MBCs would be semi-independent and only allowed to hold villages given to then, getting 50% to 75% of the land income, the rest of it going to kingdom policies and the Major Clans.
  • This small income would make the MBCs able to field smaller parties (since they pay for their party fielding).
  • Buuuuuuuuuut the focus of an MBC (and Major Clans) is not gold, but influence. (Remember Influence plays a major role on this features)
  • MBCs would be able to resolve quests for the Major Clan (In exchange for part of the quest rewards) and village notables (for all the quest reward).
  • MBCs would only be able to answer to the Major clan or faction leader army call (costing a small amount of influence for both, not 0 like own clan parties).
  • MBCs can marry other MBCs for free, or as the Major Clan demands or arrange marriages at some Influence cost for the Major Clan, MBCs could also marry notables at influence cost for themselves as it can be seen as marrying down (but keeping the MBC line alive, and in good relations to the notables).
  • MBCs can gain influence and rise to power slowly as the Major clan might be in decline.
  • Influence would be used and vital for every clan. MBCs with enough influence could have in Clan Panel decisions.
  • Increase Party Size (Party limit for MBCs would be strongly related to influence and not skills).
  • Marriage Proposal (Increasing influence cost as the clan marries up allowing then to generate more influence).
  • Request Land (MBCs could request for more villages, Major Clans could deny at some influence cost).
  • Break Free (MBCs could try to go independent becoming a Major Clan peacefully if no countered, revolting and making an inner civil war if their major clan does not accept or even accepting its position with if the Major Clan comes up with a better proposal).
  • Taking Over (MBCs might try to become the Main Branch of the Clan if not kept in check, like Break Free but putting the previous Major Clan down as a new MBC)
  • Minor Titles (MBCs could request for minor titles within the Clan, allowing them to become governors, party scouts, party engineers, party quartermasters, party surgeons, Children Tutors, Castle/Town Arms Master, Bodyguards (Squires), Bannerman, Caravan Masters, Tacticians and even handmaids for the Major Clan, gaining a small amount of influence for it).
  • Major Clans and player clan would need to create MBCs as the clan number, renown and lands grown. If the Clan family tree is full of living and distant relatives it can start losing influence due it is core size, making it difficult to maintain a great court/household full of relatives. Also, clans with too much land would need to delegated minor tasks and land managing titles to receive full supplies, taxes, and recruits from these lands. Clans would also need MBCs to field bigger armies, if for example Clan x Clan (inside the same kingdom) is a future possibility. Thus, making it harder for a gigantic clan to partake on kingdom campaigns, decisions, and politics.
  • Allowing a greater form of independence for family members leaves the administrative and stewardship skills and costs for land management as a mains reason/explanation for the use of this feature.
  • Immersing the player on some actual schemes and power balance even within its family.
Again, I know a lot of these features are not even close to possible and might not even be read or accepted by TW, lots of it is a bit of inspiration from other great strategies titles. And a good chunk of it depends on unannounced/unplanned kingdom related stuff to make sense. But any ways I’m not a big fan TW approach on making the game easier/simpler for new players at the cost of not allowing major/complex features like the ones I suggested (and other players request) that in my views would bring a lot of great stuff to the game.

Ps³ I do not wish to make Bannerlord into a great strategy or anything else, adding complexity to it does not make a great strategy only prevents 1character/few in game years play-through for players who were used to long warband plays.

Please leave your suggestion.


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In the files there are strings where a lord would voice their disapproval towards you because you landed a commoner. So it was their plan for some time a while back, until they probably dropped it, like most of the previous liked features, since it didn't fit into their vision
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Recently I have been looking into the forums and devs replies, yet I might have missed one of the key features (or any mention of it) a late-game player would have used in Warband. Making your loyal companions into vassals…
This is actually a possibility! https://forums.taleworlds.com/index...or-you-taleworlds.440590/page-23#post-9673649
I would love to be able to promote companions to vassals as well. It would need to be balanced against the cost of getting vassals (which is currently immense, though that may change)- I can see three ways of balancing it.

* Having to pay money to promote a companion to a vassal, so that they can buy themselves the necessary equipment.

* Promoting a companion to a vassal should cause relation loss with nobles worldwide each time you do it.

* Companions should be worse at governing than nobles.
P.s² I know that some of these features would be very complex and difficult to implement
Then, as you know, it's very very unlikely that any of them will happen. We're struggling to even get Taleworlds to implement simple things at this point. They can handle one large feature per six months.
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