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domipoppe said:
This module is a sub-mod of PW 4.4. There's no sense in denying it. We are no hardcore roleplay module but still we want to give people the chance to hardcore RP if they really want to. The main population of PW want to war and have some fun & theres not much roleplay. We added some roleplay with animations, music & items but at all the people have to RP we can't force them to do it and nor we want.
Some smaller population of Warband does RP a lot but have bad chances to do it on PW atm. That's why I think of assembling a hardcore RP server where the rules etc. are perfect for the "true" roleplayers. I mean, people roleplaying everything like taking a bath or something not someone who just RP with playing a flute for a second. This would be hardcore RP and I could easily realize a setting with some basic script extensions. Therefore at all we need the funds + a second admin team + a guy who I can trust and who RP's a lot otherwise I can't give you the chance. I offer it, if people accept it they can have fun. If it fails then I can close the server.
So.. I will think about all of this but a decision is not done yet it depends on how people react to this. Still I want to repeat: "We are GoTRP Game of Thrones Roleplay Module yes but we are a PW 4.4 submod and our target on our hopefully future population are the PW players theres no point in speaking around it."

Illuminati (from handy so sorry for very bad grammar etc)

No bad grammar there, thanks for explaining sir Illuminati (lol).
I get your point, I'd play on the hardcore server mainly but I think that then the community would be split...
Hey guard, Chesty/khaleesi here. You guys should implement the same sort of armor values that were in feudal world. Actually make armor have it's uses instead of it just protecting a little bit of hp here and there. More glances on certain parts of the body armor with certain weapons etc. one handed arming swords and such should glance on plate armor in the breast area etc.
Mh I don't think the community will split. If you look for example right now on Oasis theres not one hardcore rper. These are not on PW anymore I think the most even quitted playing due to war mongering and I hope I really hope that if we would open a hardcore RP server that these people play there and have distance to the war mongering.
A hardcore RP server where you die semi-permanently would increase role-play a lot and make you care a lot more about living. If your castle is under attack you cant just jump off the battlement and lose half your health, find a safe spot, kill yourself and get back to your armour. Furthermore if you did die then you could always go to the regular server.

Still, I think that there should be only one regular server at the start, wait a week, ask players/faction leaders in game if they think it is a good idea, THEN decide if its worth trying. Remember that another server costs money and requires work, especially this semi-permanent death feature. Money doesn't grow on trees, it grows on donations.
Also a suggestion, maybe perhaps on the weekend after opening there is a big lannister VS stark battle with clan leaders commanding the armies.
I'm very happy that some people support my idea of having a Hardcore server, it would just bring such a realistic atmosphere to the game, a atmosphere no other game can offer

Yes it may be hard to make this server but perhaps

Perhaps we could make it so that players who wish to play on the Hardcore server must apply online via the forums and accept an agreement to follow all rules and if a rule is broken that they shall be permanently banned, Surely you could white list a certain list of players who've been accepted via online. We would only accept the mature players with the honest goal of doing some real RP. Also a sharp large admin team with Head admins to manage the admin team so Illuminati does not have to drag himself onto team speak every night when he wants to chill.

Also Illuminati when this server does kick off I'd love to be a part of the community and maybe even an admin because new server means new admins and I'd happily donate my time to see the mod expand

Well, again, my point being that not many would play on it, partly because if they are killed they are banned, and the average player doesn't want to apply on the forum. They just want to play the game. The argument can be made "If they don't want to apply they don't belong in a hardcore role-playing server", this is true, but then again, you have a very slim player base, and it literally diminishes every single day.

I still do not think that it will be a success, and it is a very expensive idea as servers do indeed cost money and time to work on scripts. I like the idea but I don't think it can be executed well under any team whatsoever, and the mods resources and time of the developers should not be wasted on something most likely doomed to fail.

The whole apply online via the forums was sorta mimicked off of Arma 3 Atlis life where they've made it so you have to apply in order to keep a server full of mature role-playing people.

I'm sure people would love it and if it turns out to be a stretchy price each month for 2 servers then perhaps you could make it so you could buy you're life back, a RP reason for seeing a player you've killed, could be that he was resurrected by the Lord Of Light (GoT Religion). I could picture a bunch of faction members chanting "Lord of light resurrect so and so" and then tabbing out and donating money to have him brought back into the game

Perhaps, however people who have a **** ton of money could just donate over and over again to get back into the game, and the whole permanent death thing would be rendered useless.

I like the idea, but I don't see a practical way it could be implemented. I doubt that the admin team would go for the pay to resurrect idea, since I do believe (not sure) they have stated you don't get any in-game benefits for donating.
So about the armor idea??? Please don't implement the same armor values PW has. It's complete **** and I actually want to feel like the gear that I'm wearing actually does something for me instead of wasting 40k on gear only to be cut down dead in 3 great sword slashes. Complete unrealistic. Go ahead and make the price of armor a **** ton higher or whatever, just make it worth something instead of just cushioning.
Well perhaps make it so that you can buy 1 Resurrection back for £10, 1 Resurrection per week. this would enhance role-play and rake in some cash to support the servers monthly fee's.
Archie69 said:
Well perhaps make it so that you can buy 1 Resurrection back for £10, 1 Resurrection per week. this would enhance role-play and rake in some cash to support the servers monthly fee's.

Sorry but no. Absolutely hate spending money to play.
Well at first I think it's not even legal to sell virtual goods as I know. Same for "donate 20 Euro and get 200k gold" is not really legal.

I will think about a concept if I have time for the hardcore RP server.

About the armors well... think about you have a plate you can take like 5-6 hits of a 2h weapon. That's clearly enough and unrealistic. If you could take like 10 hits it would just be extremely unrealistic more than it already is :grin:
To be honest, I think that the armour values should stay the same, mine as well not try and fix something partially broken then attempt to fix it and break it even more.
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