MP Fantasy Game of Thrones Roleplay Module [RELEASED] [Source Code released!]

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domi, it would be very nice if you get some information about settings they use ^^ like vert sync or textures on demand... maybe it is cause my processor is an old intel celeron :grin:


Hello, I have suggestion: make a feature allowing to play musical notes with computer keyboard.
Recently I made such mod for different game, and it was a success.
It would be very hard/glitchy to realize due to the engine limitation.

I think then you need 64-bit.

Native weaponary will be removed soon as we have enough GoT themed weaponary

GoTRP 0.4 is coming soon.


I have 64bit, everything working ok.

Also, music instruments are not hold correctly, they disappear in the left arm. If possible, add more and longer songs, as it's a good feature!
Would be cool if the Wildling area could be bigger so you can explore there a bit, but well, as far as I believe, there is no real space for that, but you can try. One thing I found missing is places to rest by the Wildlings. Add some beds there.

There is for commoners no place to train for anything.

I think I had more on my list, bu I forgot it.

Keep the good work flowing!


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Started playing last week, very good mod, great to RP in. I think all it needs is people sharing it around to get more people on it.


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Server is now under new ownership and we've restarted the RP from the start of ACOK (Start of S2 of the TV show) a few days ago. Server also has new admins as well. New maps are currently in development as well. :smile:


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I've noticed a lot of people joining the server and getting kicked because of no GUID account. Whilst I know this is frustrating he is where you need to register for a GUID account. If you don't you cannot join the server and you'll get kicked!


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On Saturday, as we have restarted the timeline to the start of Season 1, we will be holding a big RP event where King Robert Baratheon will be visiting Winterfell with his royal entourage. There will be a feast, a tourney and a chance for plays to roleplay as their characters and interact with each other. Hope to see you there! :grin:
Game of Thrones Roleplay Module / Source Code release
This source code package contains:
- the whole module system
- explanations
- the backend
- an old database

You have to recreate the database structure with the PHP files because I lost the original .sql file and I am honestly too lazy to do it on my own.

Download here:
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