MP Fantasy Game of Thrones Roleplay Module [RELEASED] [Source Code released!]

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OSP now!


Release trailer

Requirements: You need DirectX 9! You need to run the module through WSE! At least 2 GB RAM. At least 500-1000 MB graphic save space. At least 2,5 GhZ. 64-bit.

You can find the module itself on ModDB.


What is this?
This module is based on PW 4.4. and will be released on the 22th of August.
It's a serverside and clientside modification and we are trying to convert the GoT universe into PW 4.4 with some changes.
The module will be hosted by the developers in the EU.​

For me personally and for persons around my playing surroundings it was clear that a Game of Thrones module would be great and so I decided with Guard to make one. At all it's a lot of work and we won't be able to say an exact release date but we will try to keep you up-to-date.​

Yes, we need some help in special things like models and textures. We got a lot of resources and models of Serega_B for what we are thankful as hell but we still lack on GoT historical models like of Targaryens. If you think you can help us in any way (scripting, models, resources at all, textures, ideas or anything else) then please contact us.

Voluntary working
We work for free and we don't expect a payment which also means we won't pay helping people. This is a project for the community and not for earning money. We do this to create our dream, still you are able to donate for the module as soon as it's possible (eg. server costs).​

Main changes
At all our main target is to convert the standard Mount & Blade Warband world into a GoT world with models, music and textures. Also we are scripting new stuff for the module itself which supports the roleplay - this basically gives the standard PW 4.4 a new reason to play except war. We also implent the standard core features (banking, gear loading etc) but the banks for example get nerved - only one bank in the world.​

Main story
The module is placed in the timeline of the Game of Thrones TV series and the main handling houses are: House Stark, House Martell, House Targaryen, House Lannister, House Baratheon, Wildlings and Nights Watch. Main locations: Oldtown (Commoner), Kings Landing (Lannister), Dragonstone (Baratheon), Braavos (as Iron Bank), Meeren (Targaryen), Sunspear (Martell), Bear Island (for merchants), Winterfell (Starks), Castle Black (Night Watch), Far northern landscape (Wildlings)​

Features so far

Buyable houses
Safe zones
Weather sounds & effects
Core system
IG Commands (/help in local chat)
Camp fires
Weather system
Extended logging system
Drink animations
Merchants limited to 10 people
Campfires get out from rain
Extended admin commands
Battle horns
Playtime feature
Automated wages
Buildable ships
Door sounds
Store/Unstore horse
Music boxes (deactivatet atm)
Playable instruments
Throwing weapons/Skirmisher class
Fire arrows
More farms
Apple trees
Water Jug
Hunger System
Security Saving
New sounds
Day & Night Cycle
Storage crates
Decap system
Admin Commands
Move cart with arrows as godlike
White Flag
Fire system
New music system
Starter stockpile is 10
Whistling for horse
New models, new items & armors
Guarantee of keep-getting-developed
... and more!

Fire preview:
Trade/Travel preview:
Roleplay preview:
House system / Safe zones:
Day & Night cycle:

Pictures: Visit our gallery on ModDB

Illuminati/Meijk Vandat - Main scripter
Peter the Narwhal - Music artist
Matty, Avenger, Dekkers, Mike, Guard - Scene developer​

Serega_B & his team [Items, Scene props, Textures]
[OSP] [Item] Neolithic Weapons
[OSP] [Item] Cloaks
[OSP] Tavern Animation Pack
Firre Arrow - OSP
OSP: iggorbb (iggorbb)
[OSP] Japan Human Animations
More Metal Sound Mod
Delzaros UI Pack
Timrh (Dragon model from
Count's retexturing guild
3dregenerator [Statue & Music box]
Gotha thanks with the Day & Night cycle
Homer thanks for the battle horn & animation & sound
Crusaders Way to Expiation Team
Hairs: Jaymosuke, SKS Ren's Hair for Oblivion, Throttlekitty, Ren, Nouk, Aligeth
Music: Shaun Taylor McManus, Adrian von Ziegler, BrunuhVille, Antti Martikainen, Peter Crowley, Break of Reality, Scott McKenzie, Ernesto Schnack, Stephen J. Anderson, Ivan Torrent (ft. Julie Elven), Peter the Narwhal, Eddie van der Meer, Alon Kaplan, Tina Guo
Cinematic Compilation
You sure you'll get enough players to keep all of those houses active?
Players can for example join Kings Landing and call the faction as they want and so even clans out of PW 4.4 could enter and handle with their banner & name in the GoT world but they would use Lannister armor here. But, can you ever say something will be successfully? We have to see if it works - well at all there's a idea behind not too many castles for factions -> limit clan overpower and increase the need of commoners.

I hope I answered your question. And what I forgot to say: If you have ideas/suggestions - please let us know. Thanks SnRolls.
I just think it's a lot to expect. Say, if you got 50 players, there'd be 8 in each faction. Then have these 8 spread over multiple locations, and you wouldn't have that many around in the different locations. I'd suggest cutting down the amount of factions or locations, but that's just my opinion.

Either way, good luck with it.
If we would make a smaller map and if the module would get a high population then it would be overfilled.
That's why we create a huge contingent of factions & a huge map.
Development video released

Please, this module is still in development which gives us the opportunity to change things fast. Also we can add a lot of stuff in a short time period.
Also I hope you apologize my English - I'm native German. The video was from like 2-3 days ago and I only was able to show features where only one person is needed.
Several features/items weren't implanted back there so be patient for the release.
good luck, I hope this succeeds, as with my own GoT mod, and seems any others attempted than the active one, there are always going to be those people who are doubters/haters as to whether or not it will happen or work. I personally do not play this game in multiplayer so I won't be able to experience this mod, but I hope it does succeed as I love the GoT universe and personally like to see what people can do with it.
Here we are with new news. Today I want to list you all features which we added yet into the module! Please be aware that all these features can be changed until you really can try/use them but we think you are alright. I hope everything is fine and if you have suggestions then please write them to us!

Features so far
- Core scripts (Gear loading/saving, Class/Horse loading/saving, Banking, Extended logs)
- Sitting on benches and without benches
- Factions are now called Houses
- Drinking animation when using a water jug
- Merchants faction is limited to max. 10 merchants
- Battle horn
- Playtime feature
- Automated paying system based on class
- Buildable ships
- Door sounds
- a lot of GoT items/armors
- store/unstore your horse
- Lord class is a bit stronger and better
- Music boxes
- Playable instruments
- New music/sounds in general
- Cannibalism
- Decapping heads
- Outlaws are now called Wildlings
- Throwing weapons & skirmisher class for Wildlings
- Hunger system
- Extended food (more food types & apple trees & farms etc.)
- Water jug system
- Security saving
- Save zones
Yes :smile:



Oh my dear!

We implanted now the siege tower as a build able siege equipment... :smile:
Also we are planning several new features like lore books, camp fires, weather system and more. As we tested the scripts for now the day & night cycle also the other scripts are not creating lag which makes us really proud. The map is still in progress and has for now a great FPS performance. We will keep you up to date - thanks for reading!​
Also read at:

General blabla
As I want to keep you informed, here some new news.I worked a lot in the last time (scripts + map) cause Guard can't map at the moment.I'm really trying my best on both things and I really want to release - but I can't.People keep asking me when I would release but I can't say it sorry. I can guess around 1-4 weeks.Its a huge time or maybe a short period - but I don't want to guarantee things which won't happen.

At all, I need my time and I really have to focus on what I am doing cause I want to develop something new, something special and maybe something kinda like a step in the mod developing? Yes, big words in the hope of them getting 100% truth.

Script News
Anyway, first of the scripting part.
I rewrote the cannibalism script, safe zone script & day/night cycle.
The shadow gets now rebuild at every special lightning change on the map which removes a lot of bugs.
Secondly, I implanted WSE. It's giving me a lot of new features with which I can work into stuff which I couldn't do lagfree without it.
At third, I'm implanting fire arrows. Basic ones are in but I want to extend them and get 100% out of them through WSE.
Fourth, an extened admin command system - teleport players, give players classes and a lot more!
Fifth, server whitelisting (nothing for players).
Sixth, I' working right now on a lag-free anti-combatlogging script.
Seventh, Camp fires...... new sitting ... battle horn ... rewritten decap system ... rewritten siege towers ... weather system now finished ... planning on weather perks (delete open fires if it rains?) ... working on surrendering system .... and much more.
As you see, I'm not dead and the developing goes straight ahead.

Map News
For the map I was thinking a lot of time what I could write. Well at first I hope that you will like it - more I don't want to say. We also search experienced mappers for feature maps - if you are interested contact us.Sneak peak of the map:


This is really awesome, thank you guys! I'm really satisfied and appreciated that you like what I am doing!!!  :oops:
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