Fleshing out villages (and cities) with semi-persistent villagers

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From my short playing the single player early access, I have encountered many villages with dozens of villagers,
only to find them only greeting and saying some random non-sense and offering no more interaction. I therefore
find it pointless even to visit villages (other than by menu items). To make thinks more intereseting and immersing,
I have an idea:

When entering village, every villager (the common, non-notable ones) in the scene should be generated some backstory. Nothing compicated, just things like:
* name
* does he/she has spouse, parents, children etc.
* occupation (it's OK if 90% of the people would be farmers)
* some generic goal: get more money, get married, move to town.
* maybe something that villager likes: fishing, music, reading, dancing, archery etc.

Then we could have small conversation about those things.

If you don't interact them at all, those characters could be deleted.
Some of the characters could be saved as persistent character, so that there could be small change for you to see them next time. Maybe some villagers would
know about them and find them if you asked.
If you don't interact them again for, say, two years, they could be deleted. (to save space and CPU wasting)
So, a village scene could consist of villagers that are just-in-time autogenerated, and some villagers that you have seen before.

Because you can form shallow relationship with villagers, that could sometimes slightly affect your relation with village, or you could
give them some money, or sometimes find women to marry if it's OK for you to marry lowborn (with some repulation hits in some cases if you
are great noble). Sometimes they could give generate quests. etc.

There are many other possible interactions possible, so this could just be low-effort starting point.
Primarily so that you would like to visit villages again because you could feel more like being with lively village with real human beings.
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