1. In Progress Negative SP points ( for heroes who came out of age )

    Summary: I think that there is an error in SP points calculation. When some heroes (often newborns or underage clones of other heroes) coming out of age they instantly gain level (~12-26) and a large negative amount of SP (~-643k). Negative SP is clearly a bug, it basically stops progression for...
  2. Anyone know what causes NPCs to have the stupid smirk and different postures in the encyclopedia?

    I thought it was their traits but I have seen people with the same traits have different postures. If I copy and paste a face from one NPC to another they retain their posture and expression, even with a different face. Anyone know what causes it? I want to be able to mod away all the stupid...
  3. SP - General Counsel Members NPCs for Throne Rooms

    Bannerlord has fantastic scenes that obviously had a lot of work put into them, but some of them go to waste because there is simply not much to interact with in most of them beside walking around and sometimes playing board games. The taverns and arenas have received a little bit of love but...
  4. Lornloth00

    SP - General Can NPCs jump?

    I have been playing this series for years almost since the beginning and I have never seen an NPC jump or at least crawl over obstacles. In other games NPCs or mobs can jump to travel in the vertical dimension to get from one point to another such as in Minecraft when the 'creeper' jumps over...
  5. Dmitrov

    In Progress Men in women's dress

    Summary: Men born from nobles and when they come of age they are in dresses and crowns when it makes no sense. It's immersion breaking How to Reproduce: many nobles will come of age in dresses in the game. If you look you will see Scene Name (if related): none Media (Screenshots & Video): none...
  6. flipdark95

    Are there any tutorials for adding a custom NPC to a town?

    Hey there, I'm looking to start modding Bannerlord for myself, and I want to start by adding more NPCs you can talk to or will try to attack you while walking around in town. Where would I start doing that?
  7. Kingclonetrooper

    Need More Info Soldier NPCs in the castle do not hold spears.

    Soldier NPCs in the castle do not hold spears.
  8. Lornloth00

    In Progress Controller can't access character background

    Summary: There is no way to access characters' encyclopedia entry with a controller. Right bumper doesn't access the entry. How to Reproduce: Use an X box controller on any settlement click on character portrait with any button and nothing happens or nothing leads to the encyclopedia entry. Have...
  9. Need More Info Balgard defenders spawn bug

    Summary:One of defenders spawned or just somehow get inside the wall. How to Reproduce:idk. Battle size is 1000 units. Have you used cheats and if so which:Ctrl+H for health restore only. Scene Name (if related):Balgard siege attack Media (Screenshots & Video):Exact tower where npc stuck...
  10. In Progress Varcheg defenders spawn bug

    Summary: Defenders spawned inside the wall. Also there a door in the barn without collision. How to Reproduce: idk. battle size is 1000 units. I think too many spawned at once and some just got stuck in the wall. Have you used cheats and if so which:Ctrl+H for health restore only. Scene Name (if...
  11. Resolved Battania related bodyproperties data seems to be hardcoded.

    Summary: Battania related bodyproperties data seems to be hardcoded, thus cannot be modded. How to Reproduce: -Open spnpccharacters.xml in SandBoxCore module. -Locate any NPCCharacter node with <face_key_template value="BodyProperty.fighter_battania" /> -Change that template to another one...
  12. We should be able to give NPC missions

    Playing Bannerlords the concept of bandits and acquiring missions from NPC's is repetitive it needs more variance and random events/interactions. For example there should be instances where a bandit leader has a silver tongue and can convince you to spare him, so that he may join you or become a...
  13. Keimpe

    In Progress Npc's in city freak out

    Summary:Npc's sometime freak out in cities How to Reproduce:Don't know Have you used cheats and if so which:no Scene Name (if related):city Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS:win11 GPU:rtx 2060 GPU Driver Version:latest CPU: RAM:16 Motherboard: Storage Device (HDD/SSD):SSD
  14. Lornloth00

    SP - General Talking to more than one character at a time.

    It would be great if the player could be talking to more than one character at the same time. The camera would pan to another character and there maybe interface buttons to pan to the other character. Characters could interrupt or butt into a conversation. This would make the world seem more...
  15. Lornloth00

    SP - General NPCs avoid collisions

    Many times in settlements NPCs bump into each other and the player all the time. Its especially noticeable when having a conversation with characters settlements. Towns folk just walk right into either the player or the character they are talking to, bumping into the player and sometimes just...
  16. Erdem55

    Haydut lideri

    Merhaba herkese, Ben haydut gruplarına lider eklemek isstiyorum.Bir nevi boss ,ama morghs editörü ile yapamıyorum.Troops.txt ve party templates.txt düzenledim .Yinede olmadı ,acaba nasıl yaparım? Birde heroların özelliklerini değiştirmek istiyorum. warband 1.174 sürüm
  17. RozBritanicus

    Execution penalties

    As stated in the title this is to discuss Execution and what should be the penalties for it. At the moment its like cheat mode as seen in lots of youtube video's a way to a easy victory over a faction and you get a minus relationship with some npc's . Should there be more to it ? . Would every...
  18. Lornloth00

    SP - General Machiavellian inspired dialogue

    How about using Machiavelli's The Prince to inspire dialogue from NPCs in the game? Clan members, notables, and other characters could say things that are inspired from The Prince or The 48 Laws of Power. Depending on their traits they would say something that more or less or the opposite of...
  19. SP - General Corruption system For The Kingdom/Satisfaction/Loyality Feature for NPC

    This Suggestion Evolves Around Clans, (using capital letters to make things more easy to read if possible and less annoying) ((FIRST)) - as we know all kingdoms are made out of clans and these clans have --Leaders-- which gave an oath of loyalty to there -king-. ((SECOND))- Bannerlord...
  20. [Bug maybe ?] Caladog should be in Marunath but he is not

    I want to become a battanian vassal and I need to speak with Caladog. I already met him before. Encyclopedia say last seen today in Marunath and battanian nobles also reply I should speak with Caladog who is located in Marunath to become a vassal. I looked for him in town, tavern, the keep and...
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