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There's definitely a lot of dishonest actors, at the end of the day I find that calmly contrasting them works best for me. And on the flip said there's also a bunch of people who are just being misled, and are in a sense victims of the process. You and I could be one of them had our lives been different. I have of course no way of knowing where Grank falls on this spectrum, but I choose to assume good faith if there's a chance of it being there.
True, I often think how person's ideology is heavily influenced by their environment and we don't really have original thoughts.
I was raised in a patriarchal environment to a relatively liberal parents, but when I was going away to university, my mother's parting words were "just don't became gay or a junkie" :grin:. At the campus I quickly learned that cool kids leave other people alone (i.e. be tolerant and not judgmental when you are not affected) and it was a time of worldwide campaigning for gay rights which I took as my own beliefs. Though in the many years since then, I didn't see a reason to change them like some other beliefs, and I consider myself a critical thinking person.
I think that this is a very fair point.
The problem here is not a vocal minority on some social media, but the political organizations of conservatives blasting "protect your kids from gays" propaganda. This is serious stuff, because it's organized, influential and pursues political goals IRL.
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That's because he taught the children to be gay, like Urgrevling.
:smile: people are either gay or not. There's no teaching involved. @Grank probably knows a number of LGBT Indonesians, they're just hiding the truth in closets. Gays aren't imported from abroad, but hidden/suppressed parts of the community until they're free to express themselves.
The UK has a sad recent history of persecution. It was only the 1950's when Alan Turing (the father of computing) was chemically castrated for homosexuality.
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Inappropriate behavior
In Indonesia they teach gayness in schools with a banana and a monkey. That's why Grank is horrified by it.
Sometimes when he closes his eyes he can still hear the monkey screams.
As an artist I draw faces; my profiles are devine
But when it comes to figures, that's where I'm not so fine.
A girl told me last night I didn't know where to draw the line
It comes in handy being a handyman.

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