Forum Structural Changes (06.12.2023)

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Greetings forumites!

Together with our dedicated volunteer forum moderation team, we’ve reviewed our forums and their structure. In an effort to better reflect the current status of various boards and their purpose; and to bring further visibility to certain boards/threads - we’ll be making the following structural changes next Wednesday, 06.12.2023:

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
  • Classes and Maps boards will be archived and replaced with 2 sticky threads within The Fields of Valour - Multiplayer.
  • All Singleplayer & Multiplayer Suggestion sub-boards will be united into a single Suggestions board.
    • Prefixes will be used to categorize individual threads (SP/MP, Economy, UI,...).
    • A single Suggestions board will make it easier to find suggestions, filter them via used prefixes, and make for a more natural order of the popular suggestions, with all of them having the same visibility.
  • Minstrel's Corner will be merged into The Citadel, as The Citadel has organically become the place to share the same type of content as in the Minstrel's Corner.



International Forums
  • Various language boards will have their sub-boards consolidated in collaboration with their moderators in the following weeks.

There may be other smaller changes as well such as re-ordering of boards.

No downtime is expected to occur while enacting the changes. Let us know if anything is unclear and thank you for being part of our community.
I notice that there are many bugs still in progress, many suggestions that nobody bother to read, will the next forum update changing anything ? or just manage boxes ?
Good to see the modding sections going back into the main forum. The three or four levels of nesting in a separate tab were a big mistake and hurt activity and lurking, I think.
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