Every time the player ends and renews raiding a village the relations are decreased anew

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Summary: When you're raiding a village, you can "End Raiding". Then, you can resume it right away, without having to fight any more militia and with progress from previous, interrupted attempt. Pretty nice. Except every time you resume the raiding / re-start it, the relation modifiers are used anew. You raid guy X's village, your relations (now 0) decrease by 6. You end raiding. You start raiding again. Your relations (now -6) decrease by another 6. You repeat what you just did. Your relations (now -12) decrease by another 6. You can repeat it indefinitely (or perhaps a few thousand times, until all the miliseconds of all the raiding attempts add up and fill the raiding progress bar).
How to Reproduce: Start raiding a village. Pay attention to the relations change. End raiding. Start raiding the same village again. Pay attention again. End raiding. Repeat.
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