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An alternate solution is to never declare peace. It takes a long time, but they will eventually go bankrupt so long as you don’t pay them tribute. Once they go bankrupt, they still exist but don’t have any parties to speak of.
Not sure how that would really work. If you capture them all then they cannot form parties and thus they cannot spend money. If you let them go then you will basically have that endless war, until they finally go bankrupt.

If you really want to go for something like that then I think it might possibly work better to just extract heavy tributes from them. Basically, find a reasonably central spot to set up your kingdom and then just hammer your neighbors on rotation.

Crush their armies, possibly even burn their land to ashes, demand a heavy tribute, move on to the next, repeat.
Maybe instead of allying with another faction, it's allying with another clan and helping to found a kingdom. You know the blood covenant and the division of the land in half.

Therefore, an editor of sandbox characters and some form of story would be interesting. For example, they swear a beautiful wife and you are tasked with helping the clan conquer a settlement and then create a kingdom, and here you can choose between two kingdoms or one strong one. It would be interesting to be able to create such a story and a second clan. As for clan members, I don't think wanderers should be counted as they don't have blood ties. Unless there is an option to reform into a noble family.

If they have a problem with creating a cooperation, let them add an npc that they will create for themselves with more possibilities related to it. (Npc would work independently to make decisions. (I don't know how far it is possible) E.g. we call him for help or something.)

More paths of choice with possibilities like three paths in cyberpunk.

Like the legend of the three brothers. Lech, Czech and Rus who split up and founded other kingdoms.
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