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movement mechanics

  1. Is the Column formation broken?

    When trying to be aggressive, I like to use the column formation to move my party or army closer to the enemy’s defensive position. I like the look of the columns, generally, and feel like it makes sense that each portion of my troops should move in that formation if we’re traveling a ways...
  2. Jaegrn the Fat

    [Suggestion] Weather and Terrain features and Party Stances on the campaign map

    Weather and Terrain features should affect parties as they move across the map. It should be slow and difficult, even risking party losses, to cross certain terrain features and face certain weather. The Highlands of Battania should be easily defendable from it's mountain passes. Swampy areas...
  3. darksoulshin

    NON-SPAMABLE DIRECTIONAL STEP-DODGE new mechanics suggestion

    INTRODUCTION: hand-to-hand combat seems "slow" and "heavy" in some cases, but not because you have the feeling that there is inertia to slow you down but because there are ideological choices relating to the mechanics that are adopted? For example the various delays in attacks and blockages or...
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