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[parsehtml]<p><img class="frame" src="" alt="" width="575" height="290" /></p> <p>Game development can be a tricky business. Sometimes an existing technology or tool just doesn’t do quite what you want it to do or it isn’t as efficient as you would hope. This leaves you with a difficult choice to make: change your design or create your own bespoke solution.</p></br> [/parsehtml]Read more at:
Is it possible to edit the UI in engine itself visually so that it will create the XML file for us?
I do not think I read anything about it.
This is yet another good blog.... I guess ... I don't know a single thing about modding, xml, typing text to let the game do stuff, #C, C#, ABC, TXT, TNT(i know it can explode), Do know how to draw stuff (2D)..  :wink: :grin:

Just kidding, I do know nothing about modding and programming, but I do know I appreciate the effort you all put in to this game and are serious about making it as modder friendly as possible. Take your time TW people, just keep doing what you are doing now, (uh, a look at the time tells me that doesn't need to be taken to the letter  :wink:  ), and i'm sure the game will be fun to play :smile:
Brilliant. I’m glad the flash/Scaleform method didn’t work out. This is way more practical and customizable.

Excited for next week’s blog.
Although I was hoping for more information about the game, it's nice to learn about how the game is being created. It seems Taleworlds is on track to creating one of the best base game engines we've seen since Unreal Engine.
some sort of IDE support will certainly help, from a WYSIWYG (harder to create, easier to use) to just a template system with properties (easier than pure text).

regardless as long there are enough documentation we will figure it out  :wink:.

now I am glad to hear that the changes are in real time and that the code was split using a MVC variant. Also that the XML accepts components and templating. That will help a lot.

for anyone curious:

Interesting Blog. However, having shown us an example of the layout xml file for Guantlett in Emre Özdemir's Blog, I would have prefered this blog to have included an example of a skinning xml file rather than another layout one. Either way making changes on the fly sounds awesome.  :grin:

It was also great to see the fantasy sword carried on the player's back in the latest inventory screen. Hopefully, it won't upset too many history buffs.
I also did not understand, but, i appreciate the modding tools you will give us, thats a HUGE implement for a game, thank you for that and for the informative blog, take your time and keep fixing things !
Awesome blog! I too would love a visual element like making programs in visual studio, but an XML screen should be nice and easy to make for modding!
I didn't understand but I've come to the realization that MB is both a medieval and a modding simulator
Bannerlord_When? said:
haha when can i try this out in the game?

Careful! You are going to be watched for asking for something that is reasonable and certainly should have already been delivered.

We don't stand for common sense and attention paid to the consumer around here! We want to continue our government-funded boondoggle so that we can get paid for a couple of more years!

Now git!
I will not be the one who distorts the work of modders; both past and future work and much less discredit the mod friendly work of Taleworlds has done and does. In different blogs like Modding in Bannerlord, Engine 1.4, etc... it has become clear that Taleworlds bets strongly on mods and their creators making their work easier than ever. What's more, they promised to provide information through a site and through video tutorials. Worthy of praise.

The whole Community has blind faith in modders, but the game will come before mods. I don't want to generate controversy with my words, which should be interpreted as constructive criticism. Don't lynch me...
There are still many important things to know about the game (cof advanced diplomacy cof) that Taleworlds seems to have forgotten by stretching the devblogs week after week behind the shield of the "final touches".
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