Dating Thread, v. II

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Go on then, I'll bite.

Not well.

Been on a few dates since the gf and I broke up in the summer, and there's a girl at work who I get along well with who I've had dinner with a couple of times. Over the last fortnight, though, I've backslid pretty badly, feel really rather lonely and if I'm honest I want my ex back really badly. It's not going to happen, even though it was an amicable breakup, but it's a big albatross at the moment.

And the weather's **** as well.
It's for the silliest way to view the forum; viewing by hitting the Unread Posts button which shows threads with new posts that you have posted in.
my five year anniversary is coming up on New Year's Eve and I'm not sure anything will happen aside of lighting a sparkler after having spent the day at home because crazies in dutchland throw fireworks all the time and are to be avoided. :razz:
That reminds me, my 19-year old sister was once hit on by her driving instructor.  :???:
The Ex-Recruit, who I'm currently with, is coming home tomorrow. Seeing each other a lot over the holidays. She's gone from being "obsessed" with me, to us being equals. It took a while. But it's given us a brutal mutual honesty that's really refreshing, and which makes us trust each other a lot.

The Psychologist I used to boink is on her second guy since me, the first which has so horrible skills in bed that she didn't orgasm once with him - this being a girl that orgasms on average 30 times each time she has sex. It's extreme. The second guy she's with is a lot more her style, but now that she's been with him for a month, she's not as enamored as she used to be. We'll see if it lasts - but the important part is that she's not conflicted about me at all.

The Redhead who lives near my apartment is still single, she's glad that I still talk to her. Never had feelings for me, and thus it's only her ego on the line. I've promised her that I'll introduce her to the single soldiers I know, in an attempt to widen her social circle. She really needs to get out.

The Second Redhead was getting feelings for me, just about the time I begun to get exclusive with the Ex-Recruit. She had a few rebound guys, and is still not regularly speaking to me. But there's no bad blood - she just needs some distance.
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