Congrats TW - you killed your own game

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oh oh oh !
from time to time (lets say at least 6 months now) i come back here in the forums and answer a random choosen topic,today this is it !

what a surprise !
i was there before open beta, i played open beta, and left the day it closed , being sure this game was dead before even start.
Devs totally wrong decisions , even if many (and i mean maaaany) veterans warned them.
i personally did my best to suggest all wrongs and how fix every single detail (but other veterans did even better than me on that).
never understood why they choosed to ignore community, was so easy to make them happy... but no... the combat system had to be changed, class system, and all other ****. mah...i will never understand.

now i play mordhau happily with all my ex-warband friends, combat system is not great as warband, but hey, its still way better than bannerturd !
and we can enjoy the game and have fun togheter !

happy day to all guys !


So many studios would jump at the chance of have such a popular launch like Bannerlord received, and TaleWorlds behave so casual, I guess it's because they already made their money.


I wonder whose morale drops to 0 first, devs or current players
My morale has dropped... I'm not threatening or anything, but I'm fed up with this dog**** multiplayer "gameplay"( bought game for multiplayer...), I'm out, enough for me. Not waiting for any future updates or anything. I give up...
Wish you happy gaming guys,


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You could probably include Total War: Arena in with those three (Tiger Knight / Conqueror's Blade / Blood of Steel). The concept is clearly there for a game, but no one's figured out how make the genre successful.


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That game looks more like a "God POV" strategy game, whereas Captains is about controlling AI while playing as one of the units down on the ground with a dedicated combat system and joining in with the action.


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That game looks more like a "God POV" strategy game, whereas Captains is about controlling AI while playing as one of the units down on the ground with a dedicated combat system and joining in with the action.
That's true. The bots also aren't unique agents. It was a F2P (I think?) game that died like the other ones and has a similar audience.


You could include the game Enlisted since it is similar in concept but a WW2 shooter
That's a bit of a stretch, it's basically a WW2 shooter where you get a squad of (brain-dead) AI that serve more as respawn points than soldiers. I get where you're coming from, but I doubt it scratches the same itch.

Cool game though, the tank combat is especially awesome in that.

EDIT: Actually, reading back on my description it doesn't sound too far off :razz:
If you are already talking about modern M+B shooters, I'm sure you know Freeman. It's ****, but they are supposedly remaking it. They blamed the team they hired for its ****tiness, where only true indie devs would do.
I just really hope it will be saved from the situation it's in right now and more players will find their way to this game, despite every technical difficulty I'm having fun in TDM and mainly Siege. I actually like like this game (love is maybe a strong word but the potential is certainly there) Unit balance issues don't really bother me like how it bothers Captain and Skirmish players, I like how the gameplay is and the feeling of the battle. It's very satisfying when you outsmart someone and get a nice, meaty hit in or just smash someone with a big twohander, or tanking multiple people swinging like idiots and trying to time your blocks just right so your shield lasts longer. Getting in different situations, outnumbered against the enemy and see how long you can survive or even kill them all, or group up on a poor recruit and jump in with the last swing to steal the kill. Or one of the best, if not THE BEST feeling: smashing an incoming Menav Cav with a Bardiche or Big Battanian Mace. Especially when you kill the horse and rider in 1 hit.
Even the ****ty moments like getting driveby-d by a cav or receiving a headshot from a crossbow so you have to walk all the way again towards the fight, or the troll catapults that sometimes shoot more to the left when you definitely aimed more to the right after the last shot. But those bad moments give balance to the good moments and are part of the game, and raging when some injustice is being done upon me (and getting killed is definitely injustice) somehow makes me appreciate the game still. Although being killed because there was a delay in my swing is very hard to take sometimes. But then again it happens to others as well.
Archery is great fun and especially the longbow, it's perfect.

I'm not a veteran multiplayer player (only played Warband single player) and I don't have much to say about balance issues and whatnot, I just wanted to say something positive about this game because when it works, it's brilliant. Here's hoping the technical issues get solved so that when new players get in they don't just leave again after a couple of crashes and they don't get to experience how good the game can be


Simply not possible my man, I am at peak Bannerlord performance, the only way I could have it easier is playing an archer class and pretending there's any skill to two-shotting slow moving targets.
as well as running away cause their **** melee


I've been queuing for captain for the past hour and nothing. This game is truly dead. At least put us in a match for gods sake. Or tell us what the reality of the situation is instead of "hurr durr 4 minutes". Its so incredibly sad.
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