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Hello! Firstly Ive been playing old America 1860 and Old frontier 1755. I Have to say that I love both of them and they are very great mods.

Ive got two problems and one question:

1. I was playing frontier 1755 and bought a ship and sailed to Cuba. In Cuba I attacked and captured about 40 southern Indians and 2 pirates. Then I sailed to a Spanish town in Florida and tried to sell the prisoners. There was now problem with the Indians but every time when i press the pirates and try to sell them the game crashes. So my problem is: Is there any way to get rid of these pirates?

2. In Cuba the game crashed a couple of times when i attacked the Indians. The thing is weird because the game didn't crash when i fought in the mainland. (Battles like 150vs150. In Cuba it was only 38vs16-80)

Question: I ask this because im new to Gabrilduros mods and in the forum: Will there be anymore updates for Old frontier 1755 and old America 1860?


I found an annoying bug! I was doing a quest to break a general out of prison, and like normal its an easy quest but when I entered the prison, I couldn't leave! There was a door, but it wouldn't let me leave, and their was an abyss and it only kills me. So, the prison break quest are pretty much broken?


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Could be the portal leading out of the dungeon scene is missing. or misplaced. Seen that happen a few times (Indian camp I tweaked comes to mind).


I love the mod 1860's Old America, however everytime I start a new game, the minor factions are wiped out for some reason.  For instance, I will look at all of the games factions and find no information and when I see the leader's name it is my own.  After a few minutes a group of events pop out "Apaches are no more", "Lost-Island Creatures are no more", etc.  Is there any way to change this from happening so I can play as one of these minor nations?


Как запустить нормально Twilight of The Sun King, когда захожу  в замок пишет ошибку С++


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In some forts/cities the attacker spawn too close to walls. This should be change. It's impossible to survive.


So, in 1776, it seems a certain item is bugged and makes the game CTD.  A few.  Some sort of armor, it seems.  First noticed it when I would occasionally look for some armor from the marketplace, and boom.  Looked a bit into it by turning the cheat menu on and looking through the "Find Item" list and whenever I get to certain points, it crashes.  Like, from 96-107 or whatever it is, you can't open, and then again on the sixth page after scrolling down a bit.
Is it normal that i just made a character and he has 20 starting agility and 44 starting strength?

First time playing this mod but this caught me off guard.
Is it a bug?
Rebelknight said:
Is it normal that i just made a character and he has 20 starting agility and 44 starting strength?

First time playing this mod but this caught me off guard.
Is it a bug?

not bug :grin: it's normal. and your lucky to have that :smile:


Picking this mod backup and I'll be doing my own adjustments. Here I am creating my own "bug/error/mistake" list. If anyone has anything to add, let me know.

- Item in Marketplace (Armor) causing CTD


This fort's interior is bugged and I cannot access the Lord while he is inside. Everything is out of place. Does anyone have a fix for it? Thanks.


Every time I open up the game, the GUI is blank and a bunch of red error codes come up saying that the GUI script could not be found. Any help?
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