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Summary: PC gamepass can no longer play with Xbox. It’s asinine the steam players can’t join Xbox Servers on their own, but now the Microsoft PC players can’t even use the services they paid for. If they wanted to play with Steam they would have bought the game on Steam. Please may we have this ability returned by Friday Mar. the 29th?
How to Reproduce: have a friend invite your account to a bannerlord party, and accept from your PC whilst being signed into Bannerlord. You can also wait in que for 3 hrs while your friends play without you. Just not on NA East right now as the servers are currently down.
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OS: Xbox for PC
GPU: acer aspire 3
GPU Driver Version: na
CPU: na
RAM: 8gb
Motherboard: na
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): na/8gb
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Omg really!?!🥹 I can’t even check bc I got a ban but I am excited for the 15th. Thanks so much for your support and due diligence. 🙏🏽
The issue should be fixed as of now. Sorry for any inconvenience.
So today was the first day I had time to try it out and it seems I was not placed into the 3v3 with the rest of the lads although I was in que long before. There are numerous examples of how it may still work, and I will attempt to find a time when the lads can play another time, but for the moment it appears we are still unable to reach the Microsoft Servers from PC Gamepass. I only have access to the steam custom servers. I waited in the captains que for 25 minutes and did not get into the game like the rest of the party which leads me to believe we still no longer have access to those servers. Please advise, thank you.

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R. K. D.
I tried a 3rd time and it again did not get me into game. Please advise please and thank you.
It would be ideal for PC gamepass to be able to play in the steam custom modes, and still play on the “ranked” servers with Xbox.
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