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General information
We have compiled a selection of guides for various purposes, most of which can be structured into the listed categories. Everything else can be found among the Tips page.
The compilation includes Youtube tutorials as well as Steam guides.

This list is an on-going effort, feel free to recommend any especially useful guide you come across.

Special thanks to
@Fietta and @Count Delinard for gathering most of the guides on here
@Piconi for providing the artwork to make things pretty

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> Starter Guides, Combat and Diplomacy
>Marriage&Family, Smithing and Economy

> Tips



Video Guides

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord - Starter Guide: (Best Faction, Skills, Build, Gameplay Tips and Tricks)

How to get started in Bannerlord! - Mount & Blade Beginner's Guide



Video Guides

HOW COMBAT WORKS! - Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Guide
The Truth Behind Battle Commands for Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

Stuff Bannerlord Doesn't Tell You #1: Combat Mechanics​



Video Guides

How to Create Your Own Kingdom in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord
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Awesome, Nova, looks great :smile:

Everyone: Link other guides you may have found below and we can add them to the OP!
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I did wonder why it was kept on singleplayer forums.

It's a really nice thing to have, given how many new faces to mount and blade there are.
Cheers! :wink:


Hi, I am a bit disappointed with the marriage guide. I met my Abigai on the battlefield and was a bit astonished that she was in the mood to talk about relationship just after fighting some bandits. She was the first woman, I approached after an Asarai lady showed -57 affection for me.
Now we are married and she is leading a warband of her own. No children so far, but these are busy times, You know.
So, if the woman, You meet is not in this guide, do not lose hope. The free time with wandering around and squashing some looters head will soon be over.
You have been warned...
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Another great guide : How to "Start creating your own kingdom Guide"
(Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the youtuber who created this guide).



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This topic is awesome! I'm making an italian game guide (both steam and PDF) and I see you all made an awesome job with videos and text guides!
There's a beautiful community here!


Only for RUSSIAN community:
Здесь собран крупнейший набор гайдов(39 минут) по отдельным и почти всем аспектам игры, начиная от cоздания персонажа включительно. (все Тайм-коды имеются в комментариях под самим видео)
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Rik Halderman

Being a M&B player since the first game came out way back, I'm pretty used to how things work. The new systems for Bannerlord weren't that hard to understand and get used to, but having said that, I'm grateful to the people that spend time making guides like these. I get most things but there is nearly always something that I miss and it's great to have good info at your finger tips. Thanks again, game guide makers. I'll have the Tavern Maid send over a pint of ale, or a plate of olives and some red wine if you prefer. Cheers!??


Hey all, I just published an early game guide on YouTube:

It's my second video, so the edits are pretty bad, but hopefully the tips help, especially newcomers.
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