1. Hero07911010

    Prisoner Execution Game Logic and a Bug

    I made a video discussing the game logic of Executing Lords. I detail what happens to the player when they execute a Lord. In the process of making the video I found a bug. The bug details starts at the 6 minute mark. I described the bug and what is causing it. The fix would be as simple as...
  2. This dead? Looking for guides!

    Looks like Quintillus hasn't been on in awhile. Along with most people. Last post 3 years ago. Almost 4. After reading about Quintilus' "grande guide" I think a lot of us got excited. Unfortunately it looks like it wasn't released. Is anyone still around that might have a least for...
  3. Namakan

    [1.2+] Hosting Dedicated Servers on Linux

    Hey there! Few people asked so I figured I'd post a quick guide on setting up a dedicated Bannerlord server on Linux using the native Linux files rather than using wine and the Windows files. Mind you, this will not go deep into how to configure your server - for that, I would suggest looking at...
  4. Saffa

    "Explorer" achievement clarification

    Hello, I have been on a run to unlock every bannerlord achievement, and I am unable to get the "explorer" achievement and the conditions to get it are unclear to me. So far I have been to every town, castle and village (entering the menu only) but the achievement didn't pop-up. Then I went to...
  5. Hero07911010

    Explanation of How to Survive in Battles

    Have you wondered what factors contribute to your chance of survival if you go down in battle? I have a video explaining it in detail. I cover all of the factors that will help you with determining the survival chance. You can use this to help your part members survival, or if your wife is...
  6. SeniorsLord

    Bannerlord Gameplay - Looters vs Mounted

  7. SeniorsLord

    Bannerlord Hardcore Mod - Beginner Guide

    The Bannerlord Hardcore Mod - Beginner Guide is a short guide on how to edit and change game variables and settings to start the game as hard as possible. Here it is how:
  8. retroindiejosh

    Best arrows in the game

    I'm a huge fan of using bows in games, and being an archer in the Mount & Blade series has always been peak joy for me. If you're the same, you probably want the best arrows your denars can buy. I've written about the top 5 best arrows in Bannerlord and hope you'll find it useful. There's a...
  9. Swyter

    Online face code generator tool | Tweak facekeys and see how they work

    Hey, guys. Guess what? Made a face code generator, like the one for terrain codes, ten years later: Working with 64-bit numbers in JavaScript is terrible, but it works. I'll polish it a bit, maybe adding support for dropping custom skins.txt files and...
  10. Farticle

    My attempt at a guide to Siege Multiplayer.

    This is a collection of a bunch of tips and things I think I've learned about playing Siege where both teams are actually trying to win. My hope is that it will give newer players enough information to play at least effectively and not give up on Multiplayer altogether. Some of the information...
  11. LyonExodus

    [In progress] Every Bannerlord High Tier Troop Analyzed

    Here is an ongoing Playslist that by the end will cover around 34 units, between T4 and T6. It will not only talk about equipment & armor but also use hours of testings to give the viewer all he/she needs to know in order to make an informed decision based on their own playstyle, Playlist Here...
  12. LyonExodus


    Alright, so you might know that with the release of 1.7.2. some units have been modified and changed, i have run some tests to update you on the "New Meta" of infantry units. the ones you should go for and the ones you should avoid or not simply head bash into the enemies, some units, like the...
  13. CptMuppet

    Party wages and general finance managment of parties - guide/showcase of game mechanics.

    Hello Everyone! From time to time I see a lot confusion in bug reports about how party wages and general finance system of parties work - and I'm not blaming anyone, it is not explained at all in the game - so I have decided to write this short guide/showcase of these game mechanics, and to...
  14. B Tutorial Scenes Scening - a definitive guide by Veledentella

    1. Introduction To elaborate on the subject of scening, I have to present my credentials first, so that you know I have knowledge regarding the very aspect of modding. Having started scening in the second half of 2019, I embarked on making new works for MP in Native with NeoGK, as SP in...
  15. igA

    New Hidden Feature? Stop Companions from dying in combat

    Ever since 1.5.10 (as far as I'm aware, might have been added earlier) TaleWorlds silently added a way to stop clan members (that includes your companions as well as family members) from dying in combat. How to activate it: Open Campaign Options (Esc -> Campaign Options while in-game) Scroll...
  16. swally0ne

    Quick Guide on how to create your own Kingdom :>

    Some people were asking me on how to create an own Kingdom properly. I figure this is the safest/easiest way without losing too much relation: - Get the "Artisan Community" Trading Perk - establish Workshops (Wool weavers in the khuzait area, Wine Press at marunath) - remember you lose the...
  17. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    I made a video about how I abuse the siege mechanics to solo Towns... I mean hey Nooobz do you wanna GET GOOD?!?! Come and see epic pro gaemer gaaemn!

    ?:party:?? I've been talking about about this for a year now but I made one of those new fangled captioned MOVING picture with music showing what I do! I play the game completely wrong and enjoy it immensely as I massacre entire towns of bots without risking a single soldiers life! Also, HeY...
  18. Eärendil Ardamírë

    Documentation MaBLED - Mount & Blade Language and Engine Documentation

    As some of you have already seen in the Modding Discord, I have started to write down a new, more detailed Modding Guide for M&B Warband. Take note, it is work in progress and there is still a lot which needs to find its place inside there or needs to be updated or described better. The plan is...
  19. Phunkhouse

    Comprehensive mod guide

    Hi, I noticed that many players have hard time to figure out how to properly install mods, debug possible crashes etc. So I decided to create a sort of manual for that. Could be more descriptive on some places than it is really needed but give it a go and give me some feedback. PS: English is...
  20. Reus

    Documentation Sound Modding Sound & Music

    Modding Sound Documentation Disclaimer: This post contains documentation on modding sound. Documentation on modding music can be found in the second post in this thread. Table of contents can be found in the spoiler below. 1.1 Adding New Sounds Any new sound files must be added to the...
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