Bannerlord Feedback, Suggestions & Bug Reporting (FAQ)

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If you're reading this thread, you're probably wondering where to post feedback, suggestions, bug reports, or discuss Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Hopefully this thread will help point you in the right direction. If you are new to the forums, please also read our Forum Rules before posting.

Question 1: Where can I discuss Bannerlord and post feedback?
Answer: Please check out The Citadel - General Discussion for general discussion about the game. If you wish to, more specifically, discuss either the singleplayer or multiplayer aspect of the game, please visit The Keep - Singleplayer or The Fields of Valour - Multiplayer respectively. If you have feedback for the game, you may also use these boards to post it.

Question 2: Where can I post suggestions for Bannerlord?
Answer: If you have suggestions for the singleplayer aspect of the game, please use the Singleplayer Suggestions board. If you wish to post suggestions for the multiplayer aspect of the game, use the Multiplayer Suggestions board instead. Both of these boards contain additional boards for specific game systems (e.g. Campaign, Scenes, Game Modes, Combat etc.), so make sure to post in the board fitting your subject. In order to make it easier for the developers to understand your suggestions, please read the Suggestion Guidelines before posting.

Question 3: Where do I report bugs, crashes, and other issues for Bannerlord?
Answer: Please use the Bannerlord Technical Support board to report any issues you may be facing in Singleplayer or Multiplayer. Each of these boards have their own childboards to further help categorise issues (e.g. Crash Reports, Map Related Issues, Balancing Issues, etc.), so remember to post in the category relevant to your report. Before posting a thread, please also read the developer-maintained Known Issues thread to see if the developers are already aware of your issue. This list is expanding daily, and you can assist in expanding it by posting your bug reports in the linked boards. You can also read the Fixed Issues & Crashes thread to find the notes for all patches and hotfixes in order to see if your issue has been fixed in a recent update.

Question 4: Can I discuss Bannerlord in languages other than English?
Answer: Absolutely. Please refer to the International Forums section of the site to browse the various language boards we have available. These boards, however, are not always managed in coordination with the English section of the site, and may therefore not have the structure or activity to effectively post suggestions, feedback, and bug reports. If you wish to maximize the chances of the developers seeing your posts, using the English section may be more effective - just remember to post in English.
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