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If you would like to share a suggestion with us, we ask that you follow these guidelines. Doing so will help us to understand your suggestions and allow us to pass it on to the relevant team for review.

1. Stick to one suggestion per thread.
If you have a few ideas that you would like to discuss that are all connected in some way, please feel free to post them together. However, if your ideas for the game are completely unrelated from each other, please create a new topic for each one. This helps us to digest the information quickly and pass it onto the right person.

2. Give your thread a clear and concise title.
Giving your thread an easy to understand title that summarises your suggestion in a few words helps us in understanding what the main topic of the thread is so that we can organise suggestions and pass them on to the right team.

3. Try to be as clear as possible when explaining your idea.
Please try and stick to the topic and explain your idea as clearly as possible. And by this we mean get straight to the point. You don't need to spend any time on trying to spice up your text to sell your idea. Explain to us what you currently think is lacking or is an issue right now, followed by your suggestion on how this could be changed or improved.
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