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Last Update: 16/04/2021 - Version e1.5.9​
The issues that you can read below are the known issues by the team. Developers are able to reproduce these issues and started working on them.
Please note that this is a preliminary list and it is prepared from our internal to-do lists. This list is updated from patch to patch.
Campaign Related Known Issues
Some of the character creation child animations are bugged. Being investigated.
Some harness reins are not held correctly by the player hero. Being investigated.
Sitting on log animation is not working properly.
Sitting ground idles animations has wrong upper body animations. Being investigated.
Face animations in encounter scenes are being investigated.
While riding a horse, bow isn't moving realistically. Being investigated.
Iron forging animation bug is known. Being investigated.
Female characters are using male animations. This is being investigated.
Animation issue while using two handed lance or pike on foot is known. Being investigated.
Rubber waist effect when polearm swing mounted. Being investigated.
Mutual animation points dont work properly.
Floating NPCs in Aserai and Khuzait taverns. Being investigated.
Eye movement of NPC's on encounters are being investigating.
Barmaid gets stuck in the beer-pouring loop. Being investigated.
Hand/glove stance issue is being investigated.
Cavalry troops bend too much with new cheering animations. Being investigated.
Spear handle glitches in character creation. Being investigated.
Unit stuck on ballista after death. Being investigated.
sturgia_helmet_m model visual issues are being investigated.
Highland Warlord Bracers has visual issues. Being investigated.
Battanian Warlord Bracers and Battanian Noble Bracers models have morphing issues. Being investigated.
Some of the Battanian gloves causes clipping. Being investigated.
Some beards are not shown correctly. Being investigated.
Very dark glove textures are being investigated.
Battanian Falxman cloak (battania_cloak) goes through the texture of the armor. Being investigated.
Main menu character clipping issue is being investigated.
Steppe bandits have wrong image associated with party. Being investigated.
Shoulder armour doesn't fit female characters. Being investigated.
"Imperial golden great sword" guard is in one handed in smithing instead of two handed tab. Being investigated.
Banner symbols are not centred on the shield(leather_round_shield) and arm clipping issues are known. Being investigated.
Issues related to Worn Highland Noble Bracers are being investigated.
Desert Fabric Shoulderpad(desert_fabric_shoulderpad) has no Faction colour assigned to it
Female shoulder armor parts not resized correctly.
Graphical bug/issue with string of "Noble Bow"
Ballista textures have low quality. Being investigated.
There is a problem with the stone pile's appearance. Being investigated.
Armor clipping issue. Being investigated.
Some torch models do not have SFX. Being investigated.
[MP] Battanian ranger boots model issue
Gloves clips on Fur Armor (fur_armor). Being investigated.
Headwrap not morphing on some helmets.
Hair sticking out of neckguard
Cheering Audio is bugged. Being investigated.
The hawk in Khuzait throne rooms makes crow/raven sounds
Changing playback device while the game is running does not change where the games sound comes from
Missing ambient bed/area sounds and inconsistent object hitting sound. Being investigated.
Missing Ambient Sounds in Ain Baliq Castle.
Sound problem in empire_town_a. Being investigated.
Abrupt sound changes on ambient tracks. Being investigated.
Sound problem in khuzait_city_a is being investigated.
Audio does not play when connecting to Beats bluetooth headset. Being investigated.
Battania_castle_b audio problem is being investigated.
Male hyperventilation audio when executing female captive
The player can gift empty barters to other lords. This is not the intended design.
Marriage Barter with both player and player's brother is not intended design.
Companion can't barter prisoners. Being investigated.
Enemy clans does not negotiate for releasing their own clan members on barter screen issue is being investigated.
Auto Offer does not work correctly and removes our offer from the barter. Being investigated.
Can't do barter with nobles inside the town's keep.
After barter, missing text while trying 2nd barter
Return command is not functioning as intended. Being investigated.
We're not able to choose which siege engine to craft while defending a settlement on siege bombardment phase
Face animation and text mismatches
Unlimited board game bets issue is being investigated.
Mu Torere broken in lvl3 Vlandian lord's halls.
Some of the NPCs who are carrying stuff not moving in town/village missions. Being investigated.
On some cases surrounding parties don't help fighting. Being investigated.
Disbanded caravan does not put troops in garrison and companion gets stuck HOLDING. Being investigated.
Mercenaries are able to enter cities that their employer is at war with. Being investigated.
Army choosing to defend a further castle siege.
Strange army AI behaviors are being investigated.
AI Kingdoms do not propose policies. Being investigated.
Allied party wierd AI behavior in battles. Being investigated.
Pacing Army bug is being investigated.
Making peace is cheaper than safe passage. Being investigated.
Settlements' garrison/militia are not affected by food stocks. Being investigated.
Sturgian towns and villages don't have Sturgian Trotters issue is known, being investigated.
The minor clan Wolfskins have the wrong stats when you view their troops.
Forest Bandit Boss has incorrect skills
Steppe Bandit Boss has incorrect skills
Rhomphalia and crafted Bent Razor Head making thrusting attack
Wages of extra parties lead by companions inflate everytime they recruit troops. Being investigated.
Husband's income related issues are being investigated.
Olive Press in Jaculan generates 0 Income, being investiagted.
Fully upgraded castle can't sustain food. Being investigated.
Villiage of Armonac has wrong production icon on the campaign map.
Some of the assets in the world map is misplaced. Being investigated.
When besieging Flintolg Castle, the walls are seemingly located in the nearby river. It has no actual effect on gameplay.
Flying houses and textures in the world map are known.
Hakkun Castle Siege artillery slot detection outside of slot. Being investigated.
Siege engines pitching rocks in the ocean at Oristocorys Castle. Being investigated.
Under water trees on the campaign map are being investigated.
Particle issue in campaign main_map waters. Being investigated.
Gainseth floating on world map. Being investigated.
Bridge near Shapeste has no proper collision, makes the player go under the bridge. Being investigated.
Visible line on the edge of the campaign map, being investigated.
Parties on campaign map clip through the bridge near Shapeshte
Desert Bridge models underpass is not hollow in campaign map.
Floating trees in campaign map are being investigated.
Bridge looks on campaign map are being investiagted.
Village resource icons are misplaced. Being investigated.
Ebereth - Village in Battania Wrong product
Epicrotea blue texture on the bridge on world map model
Wrong Village production model on worldmap (Mag Arba - Ebereth)
Misplaced walls of the Flintolg Castle. Being investigated.
Flying Siege Tents (Rhotae)
The bridge at Saneopa is in the wrong place.
Hideout issues are being investigated.
Agents walking too fast when the command "Take me to (notable)" is given. Being investigated.
Bugs related with heirs are being investigated.
Post world conquest issues are being investigated.
Game sometimes blocks the player from entering any combat. Being investigated.
Some NPC's are shaking legs during hideout duel. Being investigated.
Clan removed from kingdom, lose all fiefs when Leader dies.
Lords and garrisons belonging to player's clan need horses to upgrade troops, but no logic tells them to buy horses
New AI lords don't seem to make friends or enemies. Being investigated.
Unit called "Sturgian Otroki" instead of "Sturgian Otrok"
Children inheriting culture solely from mother. Being investigated.
"In settlement" healing rate bonus does not apply in villages issue is known, being investigated.
Serapides and Varatzes clans from Northern Empire has the same sigil
War progress on the western empire was constantly -100 issue is known, being investigated.
Cannot obtain Conspiracy prisoners after a battle
Donated prisoners does not appear in prisoner list. Being investigated.
Escaping lords rejoin the siege. Being investigated.
Minor faction troops don't heal issue is being investigated.
AI Lords constantly creating armies, even in peacetime just to wander around. Being investigated.
Putting too many prisoner lords into the same dungeon overflows the same cell
Brother has female body and wears a dress issue is being investigated.
Wrong text when aiding a raided settlement. Being investigated.
Prisoners come free after "Owner of city"-Decision. Being investigated.
Lords showing up without equipment or with wrong equipment issue is being investigated.
Player can't ask lords about eligible candidates for themselves. Being investigated.
Cant open saves after 7039 game days. Being investigated.
Players can't sack the town if the army leader dies during siege assault. Being investigated.
Children all look the same. Being investigated.
Thugs owned by gangleaders does not get healed when we beat them on alley fight
Project incorrect construction calculation - adding more money to reserve makes construction take longer
Eliminate faction issue peace offer minor text problem is being investigated.
Exiled Clan Revives Eliminated Faction, Follows Dead King, Faction Can't Be Re-Eliminated.
Method checking relations between player and npcs not functioning correctly
Companion with a good trait starts raiding villages after dismissing from army
Companion sighted pop-up emerges after leaving a companion as a governor. Being investigated.
Child is lost after marriage. Being investigated.
Negative cost for bribing guard for prison break mission under certain conditions
Minor faction heroes are getting created with incorrect equipment templates. Being investigated.
Character starts off fat in sandbox mode. Being investigated.
Appointing engineer companion as governor increases completion time for castle project. Being investigated.
Newborn children now have multiple traits. Being investigated.
Main Character counts as 3 when doing bandit base. Being investigated.
Mesui's husband who's dead according to the story is alive. Being investigated.
Players can get ransom offer notification while being imprisoned. Being investigated.
Misnamed bandits on the map is known. Being investigated.
No relationship penalty for kingdom decisions when leading your own kingdom. Being investigated.
Proposing New Fief Ownership. Being investigated.
Looters' upgrades' fall to negative ratio after they lose in simulation. Being investigated.
AI lords in army does not donate any troops to garrison before the owner voting begins. Being investigated.
State Refresh Problem (Looted village is still burning tough it was a long time ago)
Executing Rebel's Clan gained the player the fief without any voting. Being investigated.
Double space in the gang leader death text. Being investigated.
Mercenary payment info is not indicated in interaction menu. Being investigated.
Auto offer in barter adds 1 more denar than it needs to. Being investigated.
No icon or animation during fight between besieger & defender army. Being investigated.
After the daily tick we get removed from a kingdom as a mercenary. Being investigated.
Wrong game menu text on Lord's Hall "There's nobody in the lord's hall"
AI army still not calculating food when sieging
Resetting the set values in character creation make the hair and beards disappear.
Arrow holding is wrong at character creation screen. Being investigated.
Animation problem on the character creation option "Gathered herbs in the wild". Being investigated.
Overlapping weapons in character creation
Big Head during character creation. Being investigated.
Missing option during Youth stage during character creation for Sturgia and Aserai
Character name resets every time whenever the name sequence opens in the character creation phase. Being investigated.
Trait levelling doesn't work properly. Being investigated.
Partially Implemented Perks are being worked on.
Siblings education gives redundant 6th Focus Point. Being investigated.
Siblings never mature with death disabled. Being investigated.
At the start of the tutorial, the player is paying a wage to the brother. This is not the intended design.
If the player updates the banner color while they have a clan party, the parties banner does not get updated. Being investigated.
Allies can recruit troops in enemy towns. This is not the intended design.
Companion Party disappears when disbanded, instead of adding to garrison. We are investigating this issue.
Clans with no live members cannot be kicked out of kingdom. Being investigated.
Clan roles are stated wrong in dialogues. Being investigated.
Players are able to capture and slay Brother. Not the intended design.
Party members that you leave in a settlement do not stay in the settlement. Being investigated.
Creating party with brother has issues if tried again after a capture. Being investigated.
Bugged parties doesnt disband. Being investigated.
The issue of being at war with a clan that joins the players kingdom is being investigated.
Clan role getting lost after fight if player give it to Radagos. Being investigated.
Infantry with Javelin stucks at aiming if a friendly troop stands in the line of fire.
Reinforcement formations cannot be retreated before given a prior order.
When all primary siege devices get broken, Attacker AI might not work as properly. Being investigated.
The AI logic issues while defending in Sieges are known and being investigated
AI formation issues regarding the Defensive Circle order are known. This issue is being investigated.
AI agents are retreating when they are near the scene borders even if they are following enemies to attack. This issue is being investigated.
Soldiers slowing down while changing formation. This issue is being investigated.
AI behaviour noticeably different when left to their sergeants' command. This is being investigated.
AI behaviour on Siege ladders are being investigated.
AI problems regarding stone pile usage on Siege are being investigated.
Agents at the siege are ignoring the enemies while they are pushing the Batteringram. Being investigated.
Defender ai hesitating during battle. Being investigated.
Defender army can't rally back to settlement once commander dies on field. Being investigated.
Cannot use some weapons as one handed. Being investigated.
Infantry in defensive arrangement will not use shield to block arrows from horse archer. Being investigated.
Battanian Mounted Skirmishers have their orders switched. Being investigated.
When Ai is out of control and no new orders are given, its movements are disrupted. Being investigated.
Column Formation is not working, being investigated.
AI keeps changing their position on the scene battle_terrain_a
Imperial veteran archers' range is lower than lower tier archers, being investigated.
AI Horse Archers moves backward randomly. Being investigated.
Archers react too late when we approach. Being investigated.
Tighter line formation bug is being investigated.
Defender soldiers do not defend the wall they have to defend (empire_town_j_siege). Being investigated.
Attacker AI is not going to use the ladder. Being investgiated.
AI prioritizes getting to a destination over killing passing enemies. Being investigated.
Attacker ai use mangonel of defenders and attack their own siege machines. Being investigated.
Reinforcement will change the troop's formation from loose to square. Being investigated.
Looters Routing After Only Losing A Few. Being investigated.
Troops walk slowly when chasing routing soldiers. Being investigated.
Horse Archer combat AI issues are being investigated.
Hold and charge orders causes troops to turn back. Being investigated.
Order position flags always showing loose formation when we give shield wall formation on infantry with cavalry units in it
When freed prisoners recruited they exceed the party size limit of the companions' parties. Being investigated.
Some of the companions does not have any focus points allocated to their related skills. Being investigated.
Sometimes the same companion can spawn twice. We are investigating this issue.
Companion teleports when disbanded. Being investigated.
Companions dying after battle but can be equipped at loot menu. Being investigated.
Companion clan role disappears when appointed to caravans. Being investigated.
Companions do not gain throwing weapon skill point issue is known, being investigated.
All companions in the game are small&skinny. Being investigated.
Bribery dialogue does not open when player speaks to the lord's hall guard. Being investigated.
Brother does not recognize character during the first interaction. This is not the intended design.
One of the required conditions for the HostileRelationship conversation tag to apply will never trigger. Being investigated.
Players see themselves in conversation if a party has only family members
Some of the crafting pieces' price is higher than the weapon itself. This is not the intended design.
Some of the Polearm crafting blade pieces has very high damage causing us to craft them easily and sell them for expensive price. Being investigated.
Javelin Ash shaft (spear_handle_9) costs no wood
hammer_head_11 piece can be used both on maces and polearms which has different stats but same look
War scythe head has no material cost
Money making smithing exploit is being investigated.
When crafting a weapon some of default selected pieces are locked ones even though we have unlocked pieces
The game might crash when quitting the game.
Settlement events list crash when tracked party doesn't have an issue. Being investigated.
Game crashes when bellows in town is used. Being investigated.
UI Crash during launch is being investigated.
Crash at launch regarding audio. Being investigated.
Several UI related crashes are being investigated.
The game might crash after the intro movie. Being investigated.
Repeated crashes to desktop and bluescreens are being investigated.
Crash during the tournament. Being investigated.
Crash on upgrading the troops is being investigated.
Crash upon game launch issues are being investigated. Thanks for your patience!
While in an army, game crashes when you use the attack function after we lose a simulation fight
Crash on taking lords as prisoners quickly. Being investigated.
Crash during loading issue is being investigated.
Crash on custom battle mode is being investigated.
After finishing the Establish your Clan Quest while inside a settlement and then joining a tournament freezes the game. Being investigated.
Game crashed while sieging in custom battle. Being investigated.
Game crashes if player kills gang leader in Rival Gang issue
Crash when Using Controller. Being investigated.
Game crashes during siege or battle
Camel caravans don't sell camels. It is under investigation.
Merchant/artisan in Cities have negative power. Being investigated.
Sometimes the Settlement Owner election starts with a delay. Being investigated.
Council of Commons law effects aren't working properly. This issue is being investigated.
Relations with clan members doesn't decrease when we expel that clan as a king. Being investigated.
Player don't get declared war by NPCs. Being investigated.
Cannot Complete create an Imperial faction, can not be independent kingdom issue is known, being investigated.
Decision outcome says it was against my councils opposition with no other clan in the kingdom. Being investigated.
Minor Factions are at war with the kingdom that they have Mercenary contract with. Being investigated.
Harder peace prices for lone clan are being investigated.
Forced to make Peace issues are being investigated.
Some of the torches are not lit at night in the empire_village_003 scene. Being investigated.
Shop labels might be shown as duplicate. Being investigated.
The attacker siege weapons' projectiles do not reach the castle in khuzait_castle_002 scene. Being investigated.
aserai_village_i has flying houses. This is being investigated.
Bugged spawn location in any Mountain Hideout issue is being investigated.
vlandia_siege_004 map issues are known.
The cabbages in the markets in battania_town_d have water particles. Being investigated.
Silversmith workbenches and coal buckets have no colliders. Being investigated.
Batannian scene (battania_castle_b) producing very low frame rates. Being investigated.
Trees placement issues at sturgia_village_e are being investigated.
Strange ram behavior on siege Castle Thractorae. Being investigated.
Wall disappears on battania_castle_b. Being investigated.
Floating pillars in Imperial keeps (empire_castle_keep_a_l3_interior)
Battania_town_b Interwined mesh issue is being investigated.
Horizon texture in empire_village_v is blurry. Being investigated.
Mispositioned siege tower slot in Mecalovea Castle is being investigated.
Flintolg Castle Misplaced Walls on Siege. Being investigated.
Mountain in the background doesn't fully render depending on camera position in Tismil. Being investigated.
Missing ambient bed sound at empire_town_h
empire_town_i GI problem is being investigated.
Scene problems on empire_town_g
Flying Siege Tents and Battering ram Epicrotea Town
Flying Siege Tents and Battering ram (Rhotae Town)
Vanishing wall when tilting the view of the character (Amitatys Town)
Wall texture missing on Pen Cannoc
Arrowslits too short for shooting. Being investigated.
battle_terrain_003 dense forestry performance issues are being investigated.
Walking Through Walls in Danustica is being investigated.
Floating flora in empire_siege_001. Being investigated.
The voices of the character are too loud through the scene khuzait_city_a. Being investigated.
Empire_castle_001 GI issues are being investigated.
battania_town_c barricade problem. Being investigated.
Empire_town_n LOD Mistake. Being investigated.
empire_town_n Scene Fixes
empire_town_g Scene Fixes
Tournament spawn Placement Issue on Battanian Arena. Being investigated.
Empire_castle_004 GI Problem. Being investigated.
Empire_Town_i Minor Scene issue is being investigated.
Spawn problems in siege battles. Being investigated.
Torch problem of the scene vlandia_town_a
Floating structures in desert bandit hideouts
Some gi problems in empire_town_d.
Empire_siege_001 Scene Fixes
Empire_town_L GI Problems
Stuck Point Vlandia_castle_005a
AI Spawning on Siege in Waves Unfairly. Being investigated.
[TR] Variable not been set before for new disbanding party name.
Galter's hideout is disbaning. We are investigating this issue.
Can't capture conspiracy bandits as prisoners. Being investigated.
Main storyline quest failed and battle death glitch is being investigated.
Main quest "Destroy Raiders" for Arzagos bugged. Being investigated.
Main Storyline / Banner Piece Mentor Quest Issues are being investigated.
Main quest objective to destroy the empire is stuck at -100 & Conspiracy quests still appear even on Phase 3. Being investigated.
Problem with family marriage score calculations is being investigated.
No dialogue to marry brother to anyone issue is being investigated.
Remote Marriages are being investigated.
Modding Tools - DPI/Resolution Issue - Off-screen
Modding Tools - Terrain not showing up
Modding Tools - Multiple Item Mods Not Showing Up
The game sometimes names children the same name.. This is not the intended design.
The character icon in the map might change to someone else besides the player model. Being investigated.
The copy and paste function doesn't work in the in-game encyclopedia.
Troops that died in rival gang quest gets resurrected after the fight. This is not the intended design.
Sometimes the battle order might not work as intended. We are investigating this issue.
The construction time calculations are wrong. This is being investigated.
Pressing F1 right before hideout boss cutscene causes the order icon to show in the dialogue screen. Being investigated.
There is a bug that prevents workshops from spawning the most expensive equipment. This is being investigated.
Reset all option is not working correctly. Being investigated.
Adult offspring and Spouses can´t operate caravans or participate in tournaments. Being investigated.
The word "sheathe" is misspelled as "sheath" in the mouse and keyboard menu. Being investigated.
Tablut AI Issues are being investigated.
First person texture issues are being investigated.
Battanian noblewoman has wrong culture, being investigated.
Cannot refill arrows during sieges, being investigated.
StunDefendWeaponWeightBonusTwoHanded is read but not applied correctly
Color Grades are not working on Photo Mode
Switching player time and back on custom battle spawns extra troop
Changing Controls issue is being investigated.
Not able to pan on the campaing map when using Steam link.Being investigated.
No response from arena master when asked to join practice fight while there is tournament in town
XBox game bar can't be used in bannerlord.
Encyclopedia dead character grammar errors are known. Being investigated.
Problem with manipulators in 1.5.9
Wrong gender text in Jatu (Khuzait campaign) childhood progress. Being investigated.
Villagers delivery goods to wrong locations. This is being investigated.
The players are getting tributes from kingdoms way stronger than theirs. This is being investigated.
Regular Caravan Guards have better armour than Veteran Caravan Guards. Being investigated.
Vlandia and Empire tournament nearly always rewards Helmets. We are investigating this issue.
Caravans continue to travel even after companion's death. Being investigated.
Workshops reopen as artisan workshops. Being investigated.
Garbage loot is not useful. Design is being changed on this issue.
Missing tavern npc on game load when inside of city isssue is being investigated.
Problems with companions' items are known. Being investigated.
While Defending Siege there is no "waiting option". Being investigated.
Nomad bandit upgrade issue is being investigated.
Minor Factions do not marry. Being investigated.
Armour values are being investigated.
Wrong dialogue replies are being investigated.
Troops collision makes it impossible to hit the enemy. Being investigated.
Tilde Key "Look-Around-Me" Camera Delay. Being investigated.
Game tries to equip your shield instead of couching a polearm. Being investigated.
Bribes dont work. Being investigated.
Player has parents in sandbox mode. IT is not the correct design.
Particles can bug out when the player changes an option and hits done. Being investigated.
Intel GPU's shows the wrong memory amount in the performance tab. Being investigated.
Battanian Castle (battania_castle_b) layout performance issues are known.
5760 x 1080 Resolution support is missing. Being investigated.
Widescreen image distorsion is being investigated.
Temporal SMAA x2 estimated vram display issue is being investigated.
A graphics glitch related with weapon trail effect is being investigated.
Particle Management system problems being investigated.
Issues related with screen space reflections are being investigated.
Memory leaks in general are being investigated.
Investigating the d3d device context error.
Ultrawide screen gives fish-eye distortion. Being investigated.
V-sync doesn't work in borderless-window mode, and in fullscreen, only works after switching modes and back
The game logic will think you are pressing the ALT button if you click to it while loading. We are investigating this issue.
"Screen Space Reflection" option might cause graphic glitches. Being investigated.
Troop Banner Icons Always Pass the Depth Test When DLSS is Enabled
Fire pot particle won't be shown in a snowy ground. Being investigated.
DLSS Half Screen Bug is being investigated.
Quick talk weird lights on background. Being investigated.
Fps drops and stutters are being investigated throughout the game.
Memory Leak on World Map Conversation is being investigated.
Blood decal on fur issues are being investigated.
Rival Gang Quest related issues are under investigation.
Issues related to the Prodigal Son quest are being investigated.
Fencing Stolen Goods items is given after leaving mission. We are investigating this issue.
Family Feud Issue givers can be quest targets. This is not the intended design.
Quest "Caravan Ambush" rewards Stolen Goods. Being investigated.
Train Troops quest gives a lot of negative influence due to criminal debuff, being investigated.
Lord needs Tutor quest is not available on late game. Being investigated.
Gangs of forest bandits from the quest Conspiracy: Destroy Raiders quest are infinite. Being investigated.
Train troops complete pop-up in bandit leader duel
I can't find the "Conspirator hideout". Being investigated.
In Rival Gang Fight troops standing still issue is being investigated.
Inn and Out Quest issues are being investigated.
Issues Rival Gang Moving In and Prodigal Son conflict with each other
Wrong Gender text in Lord Needs Horses Quest
Disrupt caravan quest broken, is being investigated.
Lord wants ..captured: Quest fails if we attack questtarget with questgiver. Being investigated.
Disrupt supply lines conspiracy quest bug. Being investigated.
Prodigal son quest: Thug cannot stand up for fighting
Wrong payment at the art of the trade quest. Being investigated.
Leaving faction does not cancel the quest in Raid Enemy Territory quest. Being investigated.
lord needs tutor: ... has escaped quest log stacks each time we become prisoner even if we never find him. Being investigated.
Bandits do not attack the caravan on the quest "Caravan Ambush". Being investigated.
Conspiracy quest Destroy Raiders party spawn exploit. Being investigated.
Deliver Draught Animals quest conflicts with Raid Enemy Territory. Being investigated.
Rival Gang questgiver notables not spawning on mission. Being investigated.
Food stocks will change when the player is residing in a town and reloads the save they are playing. Being investigated.
We're able to enter keep without bribing by save and loading. Being investigated.
Loading a save while attacking hideout causes progress bar to stop. Being investigated.
Save&Loading during settlement gamemenu causes the thugs in the common areas to disappear. Being investigated.
Notables are lost in the village menu after save load. Being investigated.
Disappeared hideout location on quest with brother and sister. Being investigated.
Negative numbers on settlement militia issue is being investigated.
If both parties are wounded and have 0 battle-ready units, encounter menu shows up. This is not the intended design.
Some beards/hair won't render on thumbnails. Being investigated.
Trade report before hitting Done can block the whole screen. Being investigated.
The wrong banner is shown in the tournament screens. Being investigated.
Encylopedia will scroll up if you click the back button.
Troops that are ready to upgrade is not shown as ready to upgrade on prisoner window.
Very long names can hide information in certain menus. Being investigated.
Form Fitting Athletics skill perk effect is not applied on UI. Being investigated.
If the tutorial is not finished, the movement tutorial will be shown in the deploy phases of sieges.
Game shows an incorrect number of wounded troops in some cases. Being investigated.
Characters voice type selection is not saved. We are investigating this issue.
Font is Blurry and Tiny because of UI scale on some circumstances. It is being investigated.
Armies and Parties does not shown on settlement UI garrison. Being investigated.
Dead gang leader is listed among the notables on the town UI. Being investigated.
Some eyebrows not visible on quicktalk. Being investigated.
Riding skill and its description don't fit in the tab. Being investigated.
Unnecessary blue quest markers at all cities and villages can happen on some circumstances. Being investigated.
Incorrect banner & encyclopedia titles for expelled clans. Being investigated.
Unable to get mouseover info from settlement while sieging. Being investigated.
A crash related with UI menus is known, being invastigated.
Small bug with marked settlements is known and being investigated.
Siege UI popup shown in ESC menu. Being investigated.
Garrison Troop Transfer/Upgrade issues are known. Being investigated.
Broken pictures of units at Party Screen is known, being investigated.
Smithing Stamina Not Accurate issue is known, being investigated.
Ctrl key is useless when slaughter all animals, being investigated.
Two minor faction's characters look the same in encyclopedia. Being investigated.
Tribute information does not appear on peace voting. Being investigated.
Details overlap on some equipment/items. Being investigated.
Using CTRL to select multiple groups no longer works for formation 1. Being investigated.
Casualties inflicted UI issue is known, being investigated.
Flat armor details in the character portraits being investigated.
Army icons does not disappear after canceling mercenary contract with a kingdom
Title repeats itself in the description in badges (notification baloons)
Troop ugrade target can cause crash on some rare cases. Being investigated.
Granting Undistributed Fiefs issue is being investigated.
Textbox in villager talk extends outside the frame.
Words that fall on the second line of sentence doesn't get grayed out when it's supposed to do so.
Recruitable prisoners lose "recruitibility" when we move them on the left side of the party tab. Being investigated.
"You will gain x influence" message can appear when there isn't any influence gain.
Javelin thumbnails aren't centered. Being investigated.
Minor Display Glitch on UI. Being investigated.
Leave Kingdom button is clickable as a mercenary during enemy encounters. Being investigated.
Pop-ups are being cut on dual screen when cursor is moved to other screen. Being investigated.
Vertical placement of perks sometimes reverse. Being investigated.
Multiplayer Related Known Issues
[MP] Fall animation cancelling issue is being investigated.
[MP] Still moving in the landing animation. Being investigated.
[MP] No footstep sound Spear Brace
[MP] Really loud cav sounds on Siege
[MP] Throwing Boulder in Siege deal too much damage in short distance
[MP] Horse Rear inconsistencies are being investigated.
[MP] Shield hitboxes are being investigated.
[MP] Weapons Clipping and damaging players through walls
Server and Client crashes are being investigated.
[MP] Flags "UseTeamColor = true" on some items. This is not the intended design.
[MP] IF the player dies while using a balista the camera won't work as intended. We are investigating this issue.
[MP] Dev console can open in multiplayer. This is not the intended design.
[MP] Improved Armor Perk on Sharpshooter, facial hair got lost
[MP] Menavlion texture misplacement. Being investigated.
[MP] Camera can go underground. This is being investigated.
[MP] Wrongfully awarded stats - 1.5.8
[MP] Reflect Assist Kill in 5 seconds
[MP] Old characters are looking young in game. Being investigated.
[MP] Siege map Skala Landing issues are known.
[MP] Port at Omor tree hitbox issue is known, being investigated.
[MP] Trading Post glitch point near Flag C is known and being investigated.
[MP] Druimmor Forest One of the units always stuck between two trees is known and being investigated.
[MP] Flickering house on Town Outskirt map.
[MP] Port of Omor blue spot issue is being investigated.
Agent in walking animation when using ballista in Baravenos Encirclement map. Being investigated.
[MP] Nord Town roof can be accesed by jumping from the other building.
[MP] Skala Landings merlon issue is being investigated.
[MP] Tsagaan Castle - GI problems
[MP] Minor graphical errors on Ayzar Stronghold are being investigated.
[MP] Domogtul Castle Bugs are being investigated.
[MP] Ayzar Stronghold Map Issues
[MP] Texture bugs on the Isle of Deriad winter map
[MP] Ebereth Hillfortgap in rampart
[MP] Cliffs Of Akkalad barrier issue is being investigated.
[MP] Nord Town pillars making the wrong sound
[MP] Town Outskirts map issues are being investigated.
[MP] Xauna - Material of the ramp that leads to B flag from Team B spawn changed
[MP] Echerion wierd cav spot. Being investigated.
[MP] Camera Issues on maps.
[MP] Map exploitation on Skala Landing
[MP] Server crashes are being investigated.
[MP] Frozen player models on Warmup. Being investigated.
[MP] FPS Drop in gameplay is being investigated.
[MP]If players' Steam names have special letters, their names on chat will be bugged.
[MP] Sometimes two different players can shown with two different names in the server. We are investigating this issue.
[MP] Damage not reported in chat
[MP] Player teams are not shown in the end of the game scoreboard
[MP] Coin going to -214783648 after spawning
[MP] Savage does not have one-handed icon. Being investigated.
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