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Balance of Power: 860 Main Thread

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Sorry everyone, got a little busy at work and lost track of time. Got orders in now, and things should be back to normal from here on out.

Apologies for holding everyone up, I have no excuse other than poor diary management, but my orders are finally in! I’d like to thank Alma for her patience and for using ‘while’ instead of ‘whilst’ in her reports.


Her Flamboyance, the Calipha

A cold wind has been stirring, born in anxious turmoil in the land of hot springs and the midnight sun, and as the Norsemen celebrate Yule and chroniclers in the Christian world mark the date and turn the page of their tomes of the history of their times to January 1st, 860 by the Christian reckoning, a wind as icy as Fimbulwinter has been unleashed across the North Sea. From the jarls and petty kings of the Norseland looking out over the sea from outside their halls, Saxon rulers standing in the misty morning cool of their palaces, even Emperors and Caliphs from views of their mighty cities, their breath suddenly turns cold and turns to mist, as a great unspoken change unfolds across all the known world born on the winter wind. From fjords and shores loomed under by the mountain home of giants and dwarves, oars dip in unison into the wine-dark sea, and the wind fills the sails of fleets of hundreds of longships destined to far shores across the sea. The sun rises over a new age: an Age of Vikings.

You shall receive interturns shortly.


Her Flamboyance, the Calipha
Progress Tracker!

I'll be starting with Interturns, so if progress does not proceed for approximately a week or so, do not be alarmed: actions are occurring behind the curtains. Otherwise, I'll attempt to keep the list below updated regularly.

Turn 1 Completion List:

Interturn Phase

Teo: Kingdom of Vestfold
Ben: Papal States
Curio: Khazaria

Fredelios: Hastein's Band
Angelsachsen: Strathclyde
Sarado: Aquitaine

Moose: Cordoba
Alfred: Wessex
Mahud: Byzantines
Rocco: Connacht
Ev: Freyja's Band
Pixel: Magyars
Grik: Vikarr's Band
Grimmend: Jarldom of Hålogaland
Dago: Amalfi

Blacktide: Abbasids
Bluehawk: Rurik
Hark: Sons of Ragnar
Draorn: West Francia

Cowdude: Emirate of Sicily

Red = Not Started
Yellow = Started
Green = Complete


Roccoflipside said:
Legit thought Intratron was one of the Serva BoP companies for a second  :iamamoron:

That's the joke, actually. There was a company named 'Intran' that we made a lot of jokes at the expense of.


Her Flamboyance, the Calipha
aight, sorry friends, I think this one's a dud. I'll clear the stage for Mesobop now, but while I'm shelving this, I'll consider starting this up again at some point down the road if the will strikes me. For now though, farewell and adieu ye fair Spanish ladies
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