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I've had the time given for this mission vary from -2 days, to 0 days, to 17 days and 19 days. Seems like 50% of the time I get times of 0 or -2days ad the rest are do-able. Generally I try to get the quest prior to sundown and then ride straight there to get there before midnight. But half the time I get hit with a failure and -5 penalty on my relationship.

This NEVER happened to me until AFTER the patches came out. 1.0.0 never had this issue for me. I did them as my main quest for generating $$. I would always get 12-18 leather worth 120g+ …. but NEVER any loot form killing a dozen or two forest bandits.

Fixes that I'd suggest would be to change the Leather to furs (which is more realistic for poachers since they're not going to spend days , boiling, tanning, scraping and stretching leather, and then wait a week for it to cure properly. Fur comes straight off the animal and gets scraped and sold as-is. Then I would make sure that loot dropped like any other combat.
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