negative time

  1. Sh1mbo

    In Progress -5 million years to investage neretzes folly

    Summary:i dont know if is related to a bug i got earlier(the earlier bug was that i fail the knife asociates captured by bounty hunters, but counts as a success), i just check my quest and saw this bug How to Reproduce:dunno Have you used cheats and if so which:as far i remember i dint use...
  2. Spartan3663

    Resolved Unable To Complete Main Quest

    Summary: I went the pro-empire route. I am on the stages "Arazagos' Conspiracy" (which is currently around 1000/2000) and "Unify the Empire". Both of these quests have a negative time limit of "-2147483648". I have had these quests for some time (it is day 1486). Upon capturing a settlement and...
  3. Army of Poachers bug

    Sometimes this quest begin with negative time remaining and I automatically fail. Any of you experienced that ?
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