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Hello, I wish you good times,

I mentioned the problems in the Turkish Forum. So I did translate and rewrite it here as well, for that it can be seen in a way better.

I thank you for everything in advance. May health, joy and peace be upon you


I. The Problems

I.I. Critical:

* As before, characters as lords etc. still wear clothes that are incompatible with their gender. (Also, although some clothes have a "common gender" connotation, they seem to be only for certain genders. I do not know if this is a problem; but I wanted to say it.)

* In the hall of castles, cities; and in villages, most of the characters stand in a certain place, intertwined and randomly; and this negatively affects the stream and performance of the game. Moreover, talking to them becomes impossible for this reason. They are not where they should be...

* During castle etc. sieges, when participating in a war started by an ally or an army of common interest, "Lead the war." after being selected and winning the relevant war, although the priority of the one who started the war and the presence of the army is high, the castle belongs to us who joined the war later; and so for this reason, our relationships with the relevant lords etc. drops by approximately 30 degrees.

* The army units cannot be dispersed in some situations and times; and when this is so, they are constantly in the process of giving soldiers to the garrisons. (However, they cannot...) Therefore, the course of the game is greatly damaged.

I.II. Normal:

* There are code texts and little language incompatibilities in some dialogue sections of the game. Additionally, some dialogues that are same constantly, damages the reality of the game.

* NPCs in cities, taverns etc., exhibit the same movements and this situation damages the reality of the game. (Maybe this can be fixed with different combined algorithms...)

I.III. Insignificant:

* Eagles or hawks in the halls (of castles, cities) make crow sounds. :smile:

II. Recommendations:

* Languages and laws can all be selected. (Sometimes only two options are given and this limits the players.)

* Languages in Calradia can be made more specific. So, those can be transformed into something concrete and related to somethings. (Book, poems, hymns, songs etc.)

* The choice of population limitation of clans can be presented to the player. (Players who wish can choose the extra population with a relevant option.)

* Since some players in the game may want to play like a normal citizen; the player should not be pushed to become noble, through the course of the game, and should be allowed to marry non-noble (public) people. This feature can make players more free. (Especially for sandbox.)


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