SP - Economy Armor Crafting and NPC Blacksmiths

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This probably has been suggested before, but being able to craft armor and have some agency on their appearance would be a great addition to the game. Like having a Metal/Cloth/Leather slot when crafting a specific piece, applying different colors to each material (allowing players to have different pieces with matching colors), as well as the option to add some additions like hunting horns, antlers or crests for helmets, engravings and markings, sashes, and similar decorative elements for pieces where it makes sense. That would also create a practical demand for furs, leather, silk, wool, metals, and so on.
It would also be good to have NPC Blacksmiths that could take player orders, being able to make armors and weapons from their culture, including improved versions (better stats, at an increased price), based on player-provided specs. That would give players an alternative to leveling up Smithing (which takes too long).
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