1. NicoleUK

    BL 3D Art Bannerlord - Adding custom armour (cloth physics issue?)

    Hey :) So Im trying to add some custom armour into my game but im having some issues that i cant seem to sort... Im basically adding a skirt to one of the chainmail tops, nothing fancy... I have managed to extract the meshes (using Tpac) and editing them in blender and imported it into the...
  2. potatoNoob

    What do you do with armor?

    So there is no armor smithing in the game, you cannot break armors down. Are there only 2 things you can interact with armor: 1. wear the armor yourself or put it on some NPC 2. sell them As a RP-oriented game I still feel there is a huge gap in this regard, we should be able to do more things...
  3. Patch e1.5.10 Italo-Norman Helmets

    I was very happy to see that the Italo-Norman helmets from the original promotion art has finally made it into the game, though I couldn't help notice a couple things about them; 1) The Price Right now the listed price for them is over 100k. Not only is it disproportional for it's armor value in...
  4. zincra

    BL Coding Moding armor weapon Tiers

    Have anyone figured out how to mod armor and weapon tiers like it were in MBW Floris mod, where armors and weapons had different qualitys , like hardened, lordly, balanced sharpened. Seems like there is by default Some kind of weapon tiers you can craft, fine,masterwork or Legendary. But how can...
  5. KratosMKII

    WB 3D Art Problem with some armors

    Does anyone know why?
  6. WouLinX

    Dragon Armor

    But doesn't the Dragon Emperor or Empress deserve a glamorous armor that is a mixture of all cultures different from other vassals and cultures? I called it "Dragon Armor". In the full version of the game or in future updates, will we see a dragon armor ?
  7. WouLinX

    Ejder Zırhı (Dragon Armor)

    Peki Ejder İmparatoru veya İmparatoriçesi diğer vasallardan ve kültürlerden farklı bütün kültürlerin karışımı şaşalı bir zırhı haketmiyor mu? Ben buna "Ejder Zırhı" adını verdim. Oyunun tam sürümünde veya ileriki güncellemelerde bir ejder zırhı görecek miyiz?
  8. DeFlunt

    Place order at a workshop

    I'm always annoyed that need to travel for hours to find a specific item that I like. It would be nice to have a feature where you can order stuff from a workshop. How should this work? IF a settlement has a smithy you should be able to ask for the catalog what they are making. What is in the...
  9. Lusitani 5th Empire

    In Progress Rubber rocks and Texture Stretching

    Rocks bounce off too much when they hit something, this breaks the immersion and since rocks deliver so much damage the visuals should represent a good impact, now it looks like a rubber toy. This was a issue a long time ago, I hope it gets fixed. Also, I mentioned in a previous post, and as...
  10. vonbalt

    Shall we talk about the paper armors?

    One thing that greatly affects the enjoyability of the game to me is how armors seem to not protect you at all, at first ok you have a tunic and one or two hits kill you, then you grind and level and wage war across an entire continent until you can save up enough to get some high end armor (or...
  11. RNGregory

    Add strange set (samurai set) to the game or armor with samurai characteristics.

    Hi, please add some sort of variation of this set to the game as a hidden unique item (easter agg). Surely a noticible group of peole enjoyed the cosmetics of the strange armor in Warband. Or better yet add armor that has samurai characteristics. Imagine it with the graphics now. Sorry for my...
  12. How does Armor works? Are there different types of damage depending the weapon? And does Armor has defense types?

    Hi all, sorry for the long title. As the tittle says: How does Armor works? Does it blocks a % of damage received? Or how exactly this maths work. Are there different types of damage? Pierce/Crush/Slash? And if there are, does Armor block specific damage type?
  13. RodLimitless

    Feedback Regarding Armor/Weapon Realism

    So I consider myself a historian to a degree, though not what I went to college/university for, I've always enjoyed history and I have taken a number of advanced courses, written historical papers, and studied from renowned professors. One thing I'd like to address is the realism of armor in...
  14. Rycon Caldestan

    Resolved 1.5.7 Tournament Damage Bug: Armor does not actually reduce damage.

    Hey all, I started a fresh playthrough with 1.5.7, clean install with no mods. Playing in tournaments I noticed I was knocked out by a blow reporting 88 damage (20ish) mitigated by armor. My character was at 100% health, early game with no HP modifiers. This means my character should have had...
  15. Ibn Karim al-Muwallad

    New Armors (especially for Aserai)?

    Is there a plan to add any new armor and clothing to the game? Especially the Aserai in my opinion could need some additional armor. Many Aserai troops are using Khuzait armor, which is kinda weird and out of place
  16. Question Regarding High Tier Armor and Weapons.

    Other than inventory cheats and stealing them off a spouse noble, is there any legitimate way of obtaining them?
  17. Tulag

    Armor Variety for Khuzait

    The meme I posted below will explain everything.
  18. LewdGeek

    In Progress [Equipment] - [Bug] Worn Highland Noble Bracers are corrupted.

    Summary: Worn Highland Noble Bracers are corrupted. Repro rate: 10/10 Severity: 4 Version: e1.5.5 Prerequisites: N/A Step to Reproduce: Find the item Worn Highland Noble Bracers. Equip it. Observe the model/mesh Attachments: N/A Note: N/A Actual Result: The bracers are corrupt and...
  19. HalfMetalJacket

    In Progress Southern Shawl not working right

    This took me (and the rest of us) way too long to realise, but the southern shawl does not show up correctly in the menu screens at all. You can barely see it from his right shoulder. The whole front half of it is invisible. This is not the case when you are actually moving around on the map...
  20. BL 3D Art Cannot import .obj file into OpenBRF

    Hello! I´m very new to modding (and 3D) and have just created my first armor for Bannerlord. I exported it as an .obj file (from Blender) to import it to OpenBRF via "import static mesh". The problem is: I can´t find it in the folder i have exported it even though it searches for an .obj file...
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