1. RodLimitless

    Feedback Regarding Armor/Weapon Realism

    So I consider myself a historian to a degree, though not what I went to college/university for, I've always enjoyed history and I have taken a number of advanced courses, written historical papers, and studied from renowned professors. One thing I'd like to address is the realism of armor in...
  2. Rycon Caldestan

    Need More Info 1.5.7 Tournament Damage Bug: Armor does not actually reduce damage.

    Hey all, I started a fresh playthrough with 1.5.7, clean install with no mods. Playing in tournaments I noticed I was knocked out by a blow reporting 88 damage (20ish) mitigated by armor. My character was at 100% health, early game with no HP modifiers. This means my character should have had...
  3. Ibn Karim al-Muwallad

    New Armors (especially for Aserai)?

    Is there a plan to add any new armor and clothing to the game? Especially the Aserai in my opinion could need some additional armor. Many Aserai troops are using Khuzait armor, which is kinda weird and out of place
  4. Question Regarding High Tier Armor and Weapons.

    Other than inventory cheats and stealing them off a spouse noble, is there any legitimate way of obtaining them?
  5. Tulag

    Armor Variety for Khuzait

    The meme I posted below will explain everything.
  6. LewdGeek

    In Progress [Equipment] - [Bug] Worn Highland Noble Bracers are corrupted.

    Summary: Worn Highland Noble Bracers are corrupted. Repro rate: 10/10 Severity: 4 Version: e1.5.5 Prerequisites: N/A Step to Reproduce: Find the item Worn Highland Noble Bracers. Equip it. Observe the model/mesh Attachments: N/A Note: N/A Actual Result: The bracers are corrupt and...
  7. HalfMetalJacket

    In Progress Southern Shawl not working right

    This took me (and the rest of us) way too long to realise, but the southern shawl does not show up correctly in the menu screens at all. You can barely see it from his right shoulder. The whole front half of it is invisible. This is not the case when you are actually moving around on the map...
  8. BL 3D Art Cannot import .obj file into OpenBRF

    Hello! I´m very new to modding (and 3D) and have just created my first armor for Bannerlord. I exported it as an .obj file (from Blender) to import it to OpenBRF via "import static mesh". The problem is: I can´t find it in the folder i have exported it even though it searches for an .obj file...
  9. Armor Adjustment: Give high tier troops lower tier armor

    Highest-tier troops are generally outfitted with very high tier armor. In general, they wear the same kind of armor as NPC nobles and faction leaders. While they should have great armor, I don't think they should be running around with decorative, jewel-encrusted helmets (looking at you...
  10. darksoulshin

    Joint hurtboxes and armor hurtboxes: an armor system that provide a way to balance factions warfare and make more deep the combat system

    INTRODUCTION This thread was created to suggest a different approach to balancing armor and to intervene in the relationship they have with the attack system both at a distance, mainly to balance it, but also in hand-to-hand combat, to make it deeper. The basic idea is to add a greater number...
  11. Let Captured Nobles/Bandit Leaders try to buy their freedom with their high-tier items.

    I posted this in the wrong section so reposting this here. Sorry!
  12. Let Captured Nobles/Bandit Leaders try to buy their freedom with their high-tier items.

    As I mentioned in a separate suggestion, it is currently difficult to obtain high tier items. While I think they should remain harder to come by - particularly in the early to middle game, the present means of obtaining them, i.e. waiting for them to go on sale in a town, is not particularly...
  13. nereid

    In Progress [1.5.5] Some lords and ladies without helmets

    Some lords and ladies, at least of the various Empire factions, do not have a helmet. The screenshot shows the prisoner party screen and the lady does not have a helmet on (either when you speak to her or in battle).
  14. Apocal

    Aserai Vanguard Faris' armor looks a little awkward.

    Right now, the gear stats are fine for what the troop is supposed to be but the silvery Southern Scale shoulder armor and purple silk aventail of the Southern Noble Helmet really clashes with the dark mail, brown leather and tarnished brass embellishment of the Stitched Leather over Mail body...
  15. nereid

    In Progress [1.5.5] Raganvad has no boots

    Just fought in a tournament against Raganvad and saw that he did not have any boots
  16. Lusitani 5th Empire

    Dirty Gear

    The idea is simply to have a layer of dirt build up over time. This would be a visual thing or it could have a negative effect on the equipment and/or something like your persuasion/chance of success in dialogs. You would also have a way to clean it Doing it yourself with the implementation of...
  17. Meaning481

    1.5.4 Balance Error with Kuzait Lamellar Shoulders

    Hello Taleworlds team! I hope you're all doing well. Currently in 1.5.4 the Kuzait lamellar shoulders and leather lamellar shoulders have exactly the same statistics. Hopefully you have time to rebalance this for the next hotfix. Thank you for all the great work.
  18. nereid

    Resolved [1.5.4] Armpit texture stretched

    The texture of the different armors is stretched in the armpit while doing thrust attacks
  19. nereid

    Resolved [1.5.4] Western Hauberk - banner color not applied

    It seems that the banner color is not applied to the Western Hauberk in the 1.5.4 version or is this intended? Besides the clipping with the mail mittens and the different chain mail coloration.
  20. nereid

    Resolved Long Hemp Tunic - strange arm bending

    The arms inside the Long Hemp Tunic look a little bit strange while fighting, some sort of weird bending going on there: