1. Heraldic armor

    Please add Heraldic armor in Bannerlord. It was very nice in Warband when it shows your banner on your armor and we need it in Bannerlord. Me and my clan really miss it!
  2. Halvdan

    Armor lack of effectiveness Devs should consider

    Armor is ny effective against projectile weapons. This makes very little sense if a shield can completely block an arrow there should be a damage reduction that is significant when wearing late armor of some variety and being shot with an arrow. It makes Archer units way to overpowered. And...
  3. VictorF

    Roman Cuirasses, Attic Helmets and such.

    This game has been updating armor for factions for years now and the overall look of their militaries has somewhat changed (I'm talking about you, Battania). Is it unrealistic to expect some sort of muscle cuirass or more crested helmets for empire nobles and elites? I'm talking about lavish...
  4. Csatádi

    Bronze arm and leg defense for Aserai

    Seeing the new armor sets, I guess you totally embraced the idea of assigning bronze to the Aserai. Now they need bronze arm and leg armor to fit the new bronze sets. I used fian gloves and the bronze huscarl greaves to this outfit, because there aren't Aserai equivalents. It's not a big...
  5. Xinamon

    Change the armor to armor types

    In Bannerlord it seems like armor does nothing at all and it seems like it's being worked on in a recent/upcoming patch. What if instead of armor stats it's armor types instead, like cloth, light, medium and heavy armor. This way you can make armor as protective as you want and you offer more...
  6. The armour fix makes this game way too easy. The high tier troops should be rarer.

    It's too easy to slaughter enemies when you have enough high tier troops, no matter fians, cavs or heavy infantry, which makes me feel kind of bored. The high tier troops should be rarer and more expensive so that it's hard and costly to maintain an army only composed of elite troops.
  7. synida

    In Progress FIXME: Armored/saddled mule texture issue

    Summary: Horse armors and saddles can't cover correctly the mules. How to Reproduce: 1. Give the character a mule as a riding animal 2. Equip it with any type of saddle or horse armor Have you used cheats and if so which: Used mod: Keep own fief...
  8. Goutlard

    The Armor Balance Problem - Possible Solutions

    I do not know about others, but as for myself I cannot play Single Player without a damage-calculation modifier mod such as the one mentionned here. Armor and damage calculation seems to be based on Multiplayer gameplay, to allow unarmored players to easily take-on armored ones and not provide...
  9. Khuzait horse bardling and armour fixes

    This is what the game has at the moment for Khuzait horse bardling and armour. Link of the picture: or better one: But, somehow, they only saw leather armour. If you see...
  10. Khuzait horse (Bardling) and armour fixes

    This is what the game has at the moment for Khuzait horse bardling and armour. Link of the picture: or better one: But, somehow, they only saw leather armour. If you see...
  11. Chainmail Retexture

    Is it possible before this game releases that we can get a retexture of most chainmail armors? The colors are different that makes everything look bad. Armor aesthetic consistency would be a nice thing to have. If its possible.
  12. Ishapar

    WB 3D Art Invisible Armor

    I created a brf with armor and weapons from various packs in the repository. I have already modded the module.ini file to load_mod_resource and placed the brf and mesh textures in the proper folders. I used Morgh's Editor to place a couple items in the game to test it out. While the weapons...
  13. Madijeis

    Armor deflection, should a fork kill a knight?

    I did make a thread 1 month ago with a similar solution to armour not feeling as protective as it should, but time passes and I've had more time to think and read other suggestions by fellow forumites. I wanted it to be more detailed, and also easier to read as a suggestion. Armour and weapons...
  14. More Coat of plates

    I think the coat of plates armor fits this timeline perfectly yet we only have 1 or 2 of those. Could we get more? Also with a bit more chainmail in the lower parts of the body?
  15. Some Armors still lack proper meshes

    Hey all , I'm hoping Taleworld sees this and doesnt forget to fix it , its not a big issue but it kinda kills the immersion. Some armors like the white coat and mail lack female body mesh , they look like the male counterpart even though they are very commonly used by female characters like...
  16. nereid

    In Progress Battle Crown availability?

    As of 1.6.5 the newly introduced (battle) crowns are not available anymore. Did the requirements change for them to appear? In a game started in 1.6.4 beta you could still buy them without any prerequisites that had to be met as far as I remember. By the way was the Battanian crown only...
  17. Teutonic_Tirade

    In Progress 1.6.4 Weirdly Large and Wide distance of helmet openings

    Summary: I've noticed for a while now that many of the helmets have weird visual issues, the nose guard sticks out really far and the coifs under helmets are loosely worn and far from character's faces. This makes for some goofy looking larger than would reasonably stay on someone's head...
  18. Joe Friday

    Absurd Horse Armour Stats?

    So, I was swapping out my brother's armour and was thinking of rewarding him with a Pureblood mount I got as loot after a fight. I then noticed the stats on his Scale Barring horse armour. I think I would have noticed these high stats before but they read as the following: Worth 114277 Weight...
  19. Joe Friday

    Vlandian Banner Knight and Champion Armour

    Which settlement sells their coat of plates? I am looking for some for I am now High King of Vlandia. The Banner Knight also has a gray hood I cannot find. I've also noticed some of the Vlandian lords have golden pauldrons that I cannot find.
  20. Resolved e1.6.2 Wrong armor value for Legionary Studded Harness and Legionary Reinforced Studded Harness

    Summary: the new e1.6.2 patch note says the stats of Legionary Studded Harness and Legionary Reinforced Studded Harness has been "swapped", but the developer who in charge of such change may give these equipment a wrong armor value, in the last version the Legionary Studded Harness module(looks...
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