1. In Progress Players can now “Copy and Paste” their weapon designs in Crafting with CTRL+C and CTRL+V

    tried to use this feature, but always end up crashing the game. its crashes each time.
  2. Norvell9

    Need More Info Floating weapon parts

    floating weapon parts are easily to see at crafting weapons,don't you think so ? for I just met them.
  3. In Progress Not all maces are created equal

    While levelling my smithing skill I noticed that you can make the same mace in the "Two handed mace" and "Two handed polearm" (is there any other kind?) category. Pine spear staff with a hammer head. However, the "Two handed polearm" version has 10 more blunt damage than the "Two handed mace"...
  4. Need More Info Smithing Polearm Broken

    So I just combined the Bent Razor Head and the Pine Spear Staff to make my first polearm with my new character. I got ~60 levels of smithing, levelled up twice from 9 to 11, the polearm is worth 106k denars, and has the following stats, far superior to anything else for my early game character...
  5. Weapon Smithing Parts

    So, I've noticed that the crafting options for two-handed weapons are significantly more limited compared to one-handed. For example, 1h swords have at least double the number of choices as 2h, in practically every category, despite many of the parts exclusive to 1h crafting including...
  6. SilverCrow02

    Resolved Crashing when trying to enter twohanded smithing

    Summary: I crash every time I try to open the two handed axe tab in crafting Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS:Win10 pro x64 CPU: Intel i5-7600k 3.80Ghz RAM: 16 gb ddr4 GPU: Asus Strix RX 470 8gb BL is in my SSD
  7. BL Other How do i implement items?

    So previously i could basically add an xml to my mod and be done with it, and put into the submodule: <XmlName id="Items" path="nameofxml"/> <IncludedGameTypes> <GameType value="Campaign"/> <GameType value="CampaignStoryMode"/> <GameType value="CustomGame"/>...
  8. BL Coding How do i properly implement new crafting templates?

    i understand some of it that i can make a new template xml and add stuff however i please, but when i try to make a completly new template to have seperate crafting stuff i get this i seem to have trouble finding where i can change the text in the smithy to take my new template id, in this case...
  9. [1.2.0-1.4.3] Some crafted weapons prices are huge (depends on parts)

    I found some crafting parts makes weapon overpriced (50-100k). I have example in save file, but I have no idea how I can attach it to post. Also crafting process with these parts gains a lot of XP (crafting skill increased by ~20 for 1 weapon) and lots of recipes (10-20). And also I guess damage...
  10. Some Thoughts After 100 Hours- Army Building, Dialogue, Economy, Crafting and Clan Management

    I've been playing this game a ton, and absolutely love it! I'm a huge fan of the premise, and most of what the game does is excellent. There are a few hiccups, as one might expect, but mostly excellent content and mechanics. After about 100 hours in campaign I have a number of thoughts I want to...
  11. Items and crafting

    - Items: make every item type (like armors, bows etc) craftable and/or make it possible to do custom orders from shops. These orders could even be more expensive than market prices (and could take time), but trading skill modifiers could be in effect. - Crafting: - Since crafting experience...
  12. VBMeireles

    BL Coding How to remove crafted items from the game?

    Once an item is crafted, it looks like its blueprints are saved somewhere since it starts being produced and sold by cities. I find it very, very untidy that exact "copies" (technically not copies since I actually crafted the same blueprint twice) do not stack. Is it possible to remove those...
  13. In Progress Workshops can randomly produce copies of weapons crafted by player

    Summary: Workshops can randomly produce copies of weapons crafted by player, even if player never sold those weapons anywhere, eventually flooding the markets with them if the player crafted a lot of different weapon patterns. The problem is caused by the logic in WorkshopsCampaignBehavior.cs...
  14. In Progress "Crafted Weapons" littering the shops

    All the shops don't produce any armor but make mass production of my experimental weapons. I can't buy any good armor becuase of this.
  15. Need More Info crash when trying to enter smithy

    game crashes when I try to enter smithy in empire towns. tested on multiple saves on the newest public patch. to reproduce go to argoron, danustica, onira or lycaron. buy 2 hardwood at trader and enter smithy (game will freeze) to reproduce go to argoron, danustica, onira or lycaron. go to...
  16. Since we can now craft weapons, we should be able to improve existing weapons

    By which I mean use the crafting system to remove the negative 'cracked/rusty/bent' etc. modifiers from existing weapons, and even potentially add a positive 'balanced/tempered' etc. modifier.
  17. Player crafted weapons are ending up for sale at markets despite never being sold.

    ver 1.1.2 Giving smithing a second go, all the weapons I craft are either equipped to myself or companions or smelted back down for experience, yet after a few in game days/weeks, random marketplaces are filled with copies of crafted weapons I never sold. I demand they either cease selling...
  18. Crafting weapons = too much easy money.

    So today, I thought to myself 'lets focus on crafting'. After a few hours of hunting Looters for easy tools & weapons to smelt, I started crafting some two-handed swords. After making a few lesser crafts and discovering new designs, I finally went to craft a higher tier weapon. With the 'IV -...
  19. kingslomein

    [TIL] Today I learned that weapons you craft, can be tournament rewards.

    I found a 2 handed sword I crafted has a tournament reward in Battania. Who knew? Ignore the names lol just trying Battania.
  20. Crafting a weapon question

    What is the point of the weapon i am forging "adding stats" if i make multiple and they stack in my inventory and each stat is diffirent, how do i find my best one??