Apparent Bugs with Formations and Tactical Commands

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Playing 1.4.0 that was upgraded into e1.4.2. I've noticed problems with formations.

  • The face enemy command isn't working correctly in many situations. For example when I attack sea raider hideouts, they will face away away from the enemy even when there is only one force in one particular direction. While they are initially facing a decent direction, as you advance they continue to face the same direction regardless of the enemies location. This causes heavy loses unless I micro their orientation toward missile troops, which quite honestly I can't issue orders that quickly. I'm fast but not that fast when there is a lot going on. This isn't limited to attacking sea raiders but I found that to be the most prominent and reproducible location.
  • When Commanding a formation in another generals army, I couldn't get my infantry to do anything other than the "loose" formation. Issuing orders into line and shield wall had no effect on the formation.
  • When fighting in a siege battle, my companions were randomly assigned to formations when I had specifically assigned them, for example, to archers or cavalry. I confirmed this was random as two companions assigned to the first formation, infantry, ended up in different formations in the siege. Other soldiers, also seemed to be randomly assigned, as some of my infantry ended up in my cavalry formations.
  • When reloading the game, your custom formations are reset. It holds custom formations until you exit the game - this has been a problem since the start of Early Access.


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Were you on a horse when you were commanding the formation? The loose spacing thing is happens whenever the commander of an infantry formation is on horseback or if there is a companion on horseback in the formation. Only way to stop it is to order the group to dismount. It's been a bug since 1.4.1 idk how so few people have brought it up.
Great info, thank you! I was mounted for most of the battle. Nice to have a workaround but I just want to share so the devs can get some visibility on the issue.

However, your fix should keep it from being annoying. (y)
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