1. MrPostman

    SP - Battles & Sieges Keep Battle formation as in Viking Conquest

    It would greatly enhance the gaming experience if we could maintain troop formations during battle scenes, similar to the feature available in Viking Conquest. The current process of individually relocating each troop can be quite frustrating. So we can keep formation and do mo tactics.
  2. In Progress Tactics Simulation Advantage messed up

    Summary: After receiving the recent small update patch that said it fixed simulation issues in troop damage, I checked my Tactics skill and it now says: (Personal) Simulation Advantage: +0.1% However, I was at 25% before the update and have gained several levels in tactics since then. I'm...
  3. In Progress Tactics skill multiplies damage by 100x more than it should

    Summary: Each point in Tactics multiplies simulation damage by 10%, instead of 0.1% How to Reproduce: Make a character with mid-to-high tactics (100 is enough). Add 300 recruits to the party. Auto-resolve any battle and win Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if related): Media...
  4. SP - Battles & Sieges Ambush Mechanic - Single Player

    What about the option to learn how to ambush nearby/passing enemies? The storyline mentions Battanians ambushing, and it seems like it would suit at least a couple of the more missile-focused factions. It could be limited by scouting/tactics level and a percentage chance to avoid every...
  5. What's up with autoresolve?

    In the late game it's just a "press to win with minimal casualties" button or in some cases "press to win a battle you'd probably otherwise lose" button. It's nuts. Granted, my tactics skill is over 200, but why would a skill exist in a game that removes the incentive to engage in the essential...
  6. SP - General Delegating a formation's command should level up the tactics/leadership of the formation's captain.

    Hello just joined and learning how to navigate this site, so from first glance I don't know if this has been suggested yet so sorry ahead of time if it's already been suggested. As of right now, I feel like leveling up a companion/offspring's tactics a little too difficult/rare. I've had my...
  7. five bucks

    SP - General Higher tier units should die less in Autocalc Simulated Battles

    Autocalc, Autoresolve, Simulated Battle, whatever you want to call it - it exists so you can skip a boring battle, one which you know you will win easily with no casualties if you actually played it. But players do not want to use it because their elite, highest level troops can die completely...
  8. Ask

    Are simulated battles going to be worked on more at some point?

    I looked up how simulated battle works and needless to say it's overly simplistic. Anyone that has ever used them has at some point had looters kill their T6 cavalry. Does anyone know if they have ever mentioned about making the calculations a little bit better? Yes, I know there's mods for...
  9. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    In Progress [1.7 beta] Companion party leaders not gaining any tactics skill from live battle?

    Summary: For a good while I have had 3 companions leading parties in an army with me, they have not gained any tactics skill despite their troops killing massive amounts of enemies and their tactics learning rate being above ZERO. Shouldn't they gain it the same way the player does? Or does...
  10. wakko2k

    Suggestion for pre-deployment phase

    while the 1.7.0 pre-deployment phase is an awesome addition, i was thinking what if i could save "loudouts" of the tactics i commonly use. For example if i have a go-to anti-cav formation i always use i can save it and quickly load it when needed. thoughts?
  11. Lornloth00

    SP - General Caravan rush at enemies no matter how foolish

    Generic caravan party members rush the enemy when ever the player aids them. Could this be changed so that the player can control them or they actually use better AI? Even when I help a very small caravan that is being decimated by bandits they rush at the enemies like fools rather than using...
  12. five bucks

    SP - General Changes required to create Good Tactics™

    Bannerlord's field battle tactics are currently shallow. Armour being weak against arrows means the best tactic is obvious: sit your archers on a hill, put a small amount of infantry in front of them, and watch them kill everything. Or, get a party of all horse archers (Khan's Guard are...
  13. SP - Battles & Sieges Unit aiming for a chosen enemy?

    Dear developers, could you please make a game mechanic in which you could select a unit and its primary target? For example, I personally hate it when my cavalry instead of attacking only enemy cavalry goes rampage on enemy spears and gets instantly deleted. Have a nice day MatthiasZM
  14. Aurex

    SP - Battles & Sieges Static AI positions on walls and towers, Dynamic AI.

    Hello there. Given we probably all agree sieges are a big part of the game (or should be) and have never been working properly, and having read many great suggestions on how they could be made more enjoyable, in-depth and immersive, I think I might have had a half-decent idea I'd like to share...
  15. We need something between join battle and simulation. Like tactical mode.

    Hello I think that can be a great feature to have a more tactical way to play battle. You see the battlefield from the sky, You have icons to show your troops, ally and ennemy and you play it like a wargame. Make tactics skill more useful and a better control of your troops and battlefield.
  16. dariel

    Spawn mantlets/carts as barricades

    Hi all! Quick question: I want to be able to spawn the siege_large_shield or cart props in a line in front of a team's troops in battle if the commander meets a condition (probably Tactics + either having Tools in inventory or something else). I already have an idea of how to use...
  17. Kazet

    SP - General Village defenders Tactic Options

    Hi, While working on Tactical Regions and Positions for my village contest scene, I noticed that village militia do not use them when I raid the village. Breaking in the InitializeTeam method, they indeed only have the TacticCharge in their tactic options. This is due to the fact that they have...
  18. robed12

    SP - General Tactics Skill

    I kind of liked the Tactic Skill That they had in warband where if you had high skill of tactics. You are able to defeat larger enemy armies through defeat in detail which was pretty cool. Now i feel like tactic skill in banner lord is kind of useless other than making sure your men don't die...
  19. guiskj

    Why is Tactics so focused on simulation?

    Why on earth would the Tactics skill tree's perk focus so heavily on simulated battles? Bannerlord biggest achievement is cool large(ish) scale fights. Why would a player waste precious Focus Points on a skill that has its main advantage placed on a facet of gameplay that is mostly designed for...
  20. Fell

    SP - General Please restore / implement "One Step Ahead" (Tactics ability)

    Please restore / implement this skill. It sounds pretty cool, and the AI often get this already. (Tactics) One Step Ahead: Allows you to place your troops before all battles. In e1.5.4. this is no longer present according to Bannerlord Perks Is it ever stated why this was removed (I know...
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