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Ritter Dummbatz

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Thanks Schmidy!

And great news, Sayd! Much appreciated. Can't wait to see it.  :razz:

Nothing much is going graphicwise so I can't provide a nice screenshot. There is hope that this may change next month though but for now I just have to wait until real life issues got done.

Progress codewise is made daily with a satisfying speed but research on things nobody seems to know slows it down a bit. Since I am a real bad ass historian it all appears like a huge puzzle at times.  :wink:
Currently I am working on the mercenary system. The main things are done and the roman armies with quite an amount of auxiliars feel just right now. Since these romans slay twice as much as they should I guess my next step will be to roughly balance troops out so I can finally one or two longer test runs to get a feeling on what's still missing or how the different cultures feel and how the character developes over time. Yes, stuff like that.
I should be happy. I got stuff to do, right?  :lol:

A lot of things on the to do list are already done so I am quite positive on the overall progress.

Sayd Ûthman

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Here is the helm. first of all, the texture is hand painted, so it's doesn't look so good, you can remake it if you want, or ask a texturer to do it, i have no problem. and i'm not sure for the materials, i was inspired by all the references you sent me so i can't define wich one i made^^

Screens :


I haven't rendered it, it's just a screen on wings 3d window , so it might look a bit better in game

Ritter Dummbatz

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When I logged on today I saw that I got a message from Kuauik. I thought it was just his daily begging for tips & tricks or 'can you do this for me?'-messages. But I was soo wrong! :wink:

That message had a link to an archive that contained this stuff



I mean, just take a closer look!...



... all questions answered, right?

Now, these guys are just some runarounds but these details are the stuff that makes it worth a closer look, doesn't it?
And this is not even everything that was in that archive, these were just those random guys that came along for a nice photograph. I guess you have to wait until this mod is done though to get to see the rest.

Another big THANKS to you, Kuauik!

Sayd! So, you both decided it is xmas for me today, eh?
I will definetly redo the texture as it is no leather helmet but that's no problem.  :razz: It looks cool to me and I am curious if this will look any different ingame. Thanks to you, too!

I still have a question but will send a PM.



When I logged on today I saw that I got a message from Kuauik. I thought it was just his daily begging for tips & tricks or 'can you do this for me?'-messages. But I was soo wrong!
you joker ! :mrgreen:


Nice idea! Just one minor question, though, where ma Frisians at?! D:


More serious though, I could relatively easily make some retextures of items which might work for you and maybe other mods.

Ritter Dummbatz

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The Frisians will come with the Saxons in one pack. There are still Frisians and Saxons though but both make on faction and I am sorry but their king will be a saxon king. Actually a thing I forgot to mention on the first page.  :razz:

And yes, why not. I don't know what you have in mind and may be it would be better we find out before you start but I guess you can't do much wrong. One of the problems I have is the great amount of german tribes that tend to look all the same. I have ideas to to work around this issue and retexturing more stuff is part of it. So, yes, please! That would be very kind.  :cool:

Ritter Dummbatz

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Thanks for the links. On a second thought and after looking at the pictures I am not sure if this is really a good idea but can't say by now. Those hordes looked wild and anything but heraldry per se wasn't invented and the uniform look was more a roman thing. I shall see how this will actually look like. It might be already enough if I can get some more models for armors.

Well, for those who might want to help. I am primarily searching for armors that can be used for german tribes. Therefor I wouldn't mind if they look somewhat more primitive. Tribal outfits and different looking leather armors stuff like that. Especially armors that have capes already built in, so to speak, are of interest. I don't want capes as an item. They just don't look right when they cover weapons on your back. Well, to be more precise, I don't know of any capes that don't mix up with weapons on your back. If they exist I'd like to have those, of course.  :cool:

In case someone has an idea or wants to create such a thing just know you are most welcome!


Ritter Dummbatz

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Le_Carabinier said:
I look forward to being the vassal of king Clovis the First  :grin:

Aye! One of the more famous dudes of that time. Much trouble with the alemanni included and the battle of Soissons vs. Syagrius is not an easy one, too. Still I very much like to play the franks. Sometimes, when I decide to not let it happen that  christianity is spread all over the realm, I give oath to the unknown alemanni king and fight with him against this opportunist. Well, it actually depends more on what I have to test out than on religious motivation.  :razz:

Ritter Dummbatz

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First find a better one for Clovis before laughing too loud.  :mrgreen:


Scenes, scenes, scenes.... Scenes are needed....

Slowly but surely, just know some progress is made almost everyday.

Just another castle somewhere in the olde german lands to fend off the evil enemy.
Next screenshot will be made at daytime, I promise.

I know you can do it better. If you think you can...some help with this stuff would be most welcome.  :cool:

Ritter Dummbatz

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A few more pictures now at daytime.

How to: Storming a castle
Step 1: Move to the gate and avoid the archers.


You might have killed the archers on the walls but there are more inside.


They are shooting from like everywhere while your troops have to fight their way through the middle.


In case you are the defender, make sure you do have enough infantry. Once the enemy moves up the stairs on the right the battle is pretty much over.


And if you'd be a bird...



Looking very nice mate

Just wondering whether you have considered asking Nordous for some help.


I was also wondering whether you'd be interested in adding Rigale.


Keep it Up mate
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