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Ritter Dummbatz

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I am not yet in the mood to script any further so may be it is time to show what it is that I am working on.​

Click on the picture and enjoy the video if you haven't already.  :razz:

this mod will throw you in the middle of Europe in the year 485AD, right into the pool of the many german kingdoms in their struggle on their way south or in whatever direction they went. Western Rome is now ruled by King Odoacer. Odoacer, not a roman himself but served Rome as a high ranked military commander for a long time, took his opportunity to take over control when the current emperor was just a child and the land was in trouble on all fronts. He made himself 'Rex Italiae' and at the same time an end to the western roman empire.

One last western roman power remained though in northern gaul in the area around Soissons which was under control of the Magister Militum Syagrius who has always been busy defending that land against the german tribes but also had plans to somehow reinstall the western roman empire.
During that time the eastern roman empire had some serious trouble in minor asia versus the sassanids and was more or less unable to do some greater warfare in any other direction.

Although the huns left Europe about 20 years ago already you can still find them in the far east north of the black sea and nobody knew if there was may be a new Attila on his way already.

More concrete stuff...
Right now there are 15 faction. You will find
3 roman factions:
- Kingdom of Odoacer
- Kingdom of Syagrius
- Eastern Roman Empire

11 german factions:

and finally 1 hunnic faction that more or less consist of a mixture of slavs and huns.
Similar to Rugians which are a lose mix of the remainders of the Rugians, Turcilingians and Scyrians. And since I already started it I shouldn't miss to mention that frisian dudes  :wink: are mixed with saxon dudes united under saxon rule.

I am not prepared to have tons of screenshots ready for you to show but how about these two to show a small part of the worldmap as a start?

A part of the Kingdom of Burgund

And this one at the river rhine while the franks besieged the alemanni hold town Mogontiacum.

What this mod is not about...
Although there are Saxons in the game their way over to the british isle is not what this mod is about.
The eastern roman confilict with the sassanids is excluded as well and there are no vandals who live in africa in this mod.
I may consider all the mentioned factions in a future version as they all are somewhat interesting to me especially the sassanids.
It is also not about trading, winning tournaments and not at all about training fields.

What this mod is about...
This is easily explained: It is about all the headbashing until you get to know the 'who is who?' in Europe in an as historically correct manner as it is possible and playable. You start as a member of a tribe or faction with enemies right from the start. Although it won't be too easy and in case you like to waste time you might get some coins together with trade but you are better off raiding caravans, pillaging a settlement or selling slaves. I am not saying that there are no consequences though.

To increase this battle based play style I wrote a new AI for the troops on the field and did a lot of tweaks although I won't tell you about these now. :razz:

Well, to all those questdoers, I fear you won't be satisfied. As there is quite a lot of work to do with everything else and I greatly lack of ideas of what could be a good quest, I simply postponed quests until I have ideas. I don't think the 'go get me some cows'-style is really mine.

This mod needs new scenes, new models and therefore textures.
The sceneing alone is quite a bit of work still left to be done. If it comes to armors or weapons, although I need more armors, I am glad to be able to make use of the open source materials so that will suffice for now. I wouldn't mind at all to have some unique stuff in this mod, too.

Although a few people already try their luck on it there is a great need for sceneprops like roman architecture.
Roman houses for roman people! That's the plan. The same counts for the other factions, too. The thing that many scenes can only be done if there are at least a few nice sceneprops doesn't speed up the progress though.

Wanna help?
So, this is the way it is and since it is this way I would be glad if someone is willing to contribute and help to make this mod a good mod. Like said there are a few helping hands already but to get things done we could still use some more.

So, if you can do models, texture, scenes. Contact me!

If you want to support this or to remind me to go back to work: Here you go!



Papa Lazarou - CAE project
Cpt Joker - Real Water Mod
Gutekfiutek - Polished Landscape
Brustwarzenlenny - Nordic Armors
dejawolf - Viking model pack
Narf of Picklestink - Narf's Rus Armour Pack
Llew2 - Saddleless horses and some gallo roman stuff
Raptor65 - Roman armors
Checkmaty - More Metal Sound Mod
Aeon - Sound rounding
Sibylla - Byzantine buildings
Kuauik - Models and more
Sayd Ûthman - Models and more
dia 151 - Textures
Ntb_15 - Models and more
Beobart - Models
CounterPoint - Models
Rathos - Some shields from his package
Sahran - for distracting me and more
DrTomas - for saving my time writing a dull script with awesome effects
Gothic Knight - Models and more

Without you guys it would be just half the fun!

I will try my best to have this list complete. In case I forgot someone please let me know because the credit is yours and you should be on this list.

Just listed the links for them here since they otherwise just get lost within the abyss of this thread just too soon. Latest video comes first.

Approaching the enemy - Title says it all.
King of the hill - Another trailer.
Germans vs. East Rome - Germanic footmen trying to stand their ground
Fridibert Saga - The secret Edda Saga told with pictures.  :wink:
Too deep into the eastern roman realm - very old, bad quality, the only thing I still like about it is the music.

Sayd Ûthman

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Finally, wish you good luck. and i haven't forgot the helmets, i just have not much time. (no more holidays)


Grandmaster Knight

Sounds great to me. Like it being set away from the usual point in time for the Late Roman Empire (the 4th century or early 5th).

Ritter Dummbatz

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Hey thanks for your replys.  :razz:

No need to hurry. Too many scenes undone yet to to have a reason to increase the pressure upon you, Sayd. Tomorrow will still be ok though. :wink:



Also Dummbatz, been working on a scene for the mod, and yes it's a hillfort. Suffice to say, progress has been a bit faster and it will most probably be finished within a few days from now. I'm working on 110% historical accuracy here, so I apologize for the wait.

Nice idea, here are some references. Also make sure that you add experienced mercenary(buccellarii) factions that you can join.

Ritter Dummbatz

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@Gothic Knight
Thanks for the pictures they'll serve well as a reference. Can't say much about mercenary factions. So far I don't plan to have them. I mean not as a faction. I have plans on mercenaries in general though and the game could reach a point where you really need them. And yes, the player himself will be able to join a faction as mercenary as we already know it. But I guess your best bet on this game is to start the game being born as a member of a tribe and stick with it until it dies or rules. So, it will be a bit more straight forward and you won't be that free compared to the native game and to most other mods. (Btw. sorry if the music was somewhat painful to your ears  :razz: I like it and can't get enough of it).

@Demonwolf: Now that's good news. I didn't know you are still with me.  :razz: Can't wait for the scene to see!

I also have some images of several post Roman factions in the 6th Century if you need them. Most of them are dated around 550.

Ritter Dummbatz

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Well, I would prefer to get to know as much as possible about the german tribes and slavs and the huns around 500.
As well as I am desperatly looking for names of their settlements. Especially to the right from the river rhine and north of the danube river. I am seemingly not really able to find much information about these areas.

But thanks for your offer!

Sayd Ûthman

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Ritter Dummbatz said:
Hey thanks for your replys.  :razz:

No need to hurry. Too many scenes undone yet to to have a reason to increase the pressure upon you, Sayd. Tomorrow will still be ok though. :wink:

I'm really busied those times, if you want i can ask empa if he'd like to make it for you, because i found that my helmet has too many bugs  :???:


hey nice!
    will cry ever night in hopes that this will be finished!

nahh i won't :mrgreen:
but good luck!

Ritter Dummbatz

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Thank you all for your kind support!  :razz:

I guess I should switch TV off and get back to it to do one more step on this infinite road.

Sayd wipe the sand off your keyboard and try again! There is plenty of time, at least until tomorrow.  :cool:

Sayd Ûthman

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Okay, the thing is that i'm really busied this time... i have a lot of items that i haven't added yet. some lods to remake,trooptrees, map.. etc
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