Need More Info 1.5.7 Crash from choosing a new King - after execution

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No, I didn't use any mods.


So i just had a big battle and my main died from execution

Immidiatly after choosing a new King the game tells me to choose again and i choose the same new king and then it get ported to the opposite of the map with no bars (clan income etc.) and the game crashes

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Were you able to see the crash uploader tool? If you can upload your crash to us we can check it out. Please don't forget to copy the Crash ID and write it here so that we can find it.
More info about the crash uploader tool can be found here.
Have you checked out these threads about our Crash Checklist and Common Issues and Workarounds? They can help you find a solution as well.

Do you have a save file of session that you experienced this issue? With your save file, we can reproduce the issue much easier and faster. For more information regarding how to send us your save files, you can check this thread out. You can find your save file here:
C:\Users\username\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Game Saves

You can send your save files to us via site. Please write your username and this threads URL into the description box so that we can find it easier. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!


Cant, it have happened one time - tried to redo the loaded save file and it didnt repeat - i just selected a´new king with no crash

so i guess its a small bug that can happen - havent got the save file anymore as i just played on :sad:

else u can execute alot in a faction and let yourself get caught and see if u get beheaded and the game crashes when selecting a new king :grin:
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