Resolved [1.5.3] Short freeze after leaving town or village

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No, I didn't use any mods.


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after leaving any town or village the game will freeze for one or two seconds. The sounds plays on normally but you can't click anywhere and no movement will happen.
To be specific the freeze happens after the first click in the map. I thought it was simply the process of leaving the village or the town as I usually click somewhere in the map right away.

To clarify the problem further this also happens when you click the Wait in Village/Town button.
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I have too this problem. A freeze after leaving a town or after a battle

Drivers ok, game on ssd, i tried to delete programdata bannerlord's subfolders then verify files with steam
I definitely got this when autosaving in 1.5.3 beta. However, since moving to 1.5.4 beta, I don't get the freeze on autosave, I get it when transitioning from the "Paused" state after leaving a town/conversation
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