1. Resolved Campaign Map Stuttering and RAM Usage Issue

    Hey, i bought this game yesterday and i am having a few issues with the game. First, there is some weird stuttering issue in the campaign map, everytime i go onto the map after going into a town or a fight, before the first move it would freeze for about 3 seconds and then initate the move. My...
  2. nereid

    Resolved [1.5.3] Short freeze after leaving town or village

    Hi, after leaving any town or village the game will freeze for one or two seconds. The sounds plays on normally but you can't click anywhere and no movement will happen.
  3. Resolved Lagging every time i move (after exiting town or village)

    Hi All First, Huge thanks for a lovely game, so many hours used! :) After the recent patch my game is very slow to react after an event (Visiting town/village, or battle). When i press a location the game has about 4-6 second lag before actually moving. Not a huge issue but rather anoting...
  4. paladinx333

    Resolved 1.5.2 Campaign Map Freezing Often

    1.5.1 was usually fairly smooth, but 1.5.2 is freezing for a few seconds quite often. Post battle and when I leave a town after a tournament are the worst times. Sometimes I will click to move someplace and the game will freeze for two seconds before it decides to let me go. It's getting old in...
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