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  1. John the Roleplayer

    Resolved Quest "Deliver the herd" target character not there

    Summary: I have the quest to deliver a herd to a character in Baltakhand, but the character is not in the town. In his encyclopedia entry he appears to be a youth (18 years), which perhaps is the cause of the issue. How to Reproduce: Accept the quest, same absent target every time...
  2. lcmiracle

    Resolved Hunting Bandits Quest Uncompletable -- Missing Targets

    Summary: Accepting quests that require hunting down a number of different parties cannot be completed because the target cannot be found on the world map. The counter shows 2/4 parties hunted down, but the other two cannot be found in the surrounding area. Reproduce: Unreliable. Possibly by...
  3. Family Feud Quest Bugged

    After the latest patch I have been unable to get the encounter to work. I just start talking to the village elder in question like one would normally. It seems to happen when you have more than 2 companions.
  4. Army of Poachers - Times out upon receipt

    I did a quick scan and didn't see this one posted. I've had this happen 3-4 times, where I accept an Army of Poachers quest, but it times out immediately after leaving the city, resulting in lost relationship status.
  5. Resolved Quest bug - Quest sent me to enemy town

    I had a quest to deliver the herd to another town which my kingdom was at war with. After some time it failed. I think it paid me, but the quest is still in my log and something also came up about a criminal rep. The quest giver was in a friendly town, and the destination was in the hand of...
  6. GG Cannon

    Resolved Found a bug or missing content.

    During the "Stop Conspiracy" part of the Azagos's conspiracy quest in the Imperial route, if you go talk to Istiana and choose "About that task you gave me", there is no continuation to the conversation. No matter how many times you click to proceed and continue the conversation, it simply gets...
  7. penemue

    Resolved [BUG] X needs garrison troops in Y Castle

    Summary: Can't resolve this quest because they won't allow me into the castle How to Reproduce: Just take this quest and I think if you negative relations with the lord or maybe you're at war, they won't let you in the castle. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Lucon needs garrison troops in...
  8. The White Falcon

    Resolved Landowner Needs Rhesos's Pasture Quest Bug

    Bug Description: Received the quest "Landowner needs Rhesos's pasture" where Meritor of Dyopalis wants me to defend his livestock as they graze at the village of Rhesos. However the time remaining to do the quest as soon as I exit Dyopalis is "-1" so it fails as soon as I move away from the...
  9. Resolved Find daughter - quest bug

    I had to do find somebodys daughter and finished the quest. But the quest never dissapeared from my quest list. It now says I have '-2' days to finish it.
  10. Need More Info Empire Main Story Glitch

    Hello, I have been trying to rush through the Empire side of the main story line and formed a kingdom, after this you need three Empire culture group settlements. I owned two at the beginning of this quest and in two separate wars with peace between them in case that may effect the quest I...
  11. Garedyr

    Resolved [Bug] Quest starts with -1 remaigning days

    Like in the title.
  12. Resolved Raw materials quest bug

    Not sure if this has been posted yet. Whenever I do a raw materials quest instead of getting a relation boost I get -10 relation with the quest giver
  13. Resolved Family Feud - NPC won't spawn, unlisted bug?

    Family Feud quests sometimes bug if you have max companions in your party. You are supposed to take the person to speak with another person in another town, and when you go to the town the person you brought with you doesn't spawn in and trigger the next step in the quest. It appears that if my...
  14. In Progress Rival Lord Crash

    Got a quest from King of Vlandia to capture a rival lord. Captured the rival lord, and got game freeze when arriving in Sargot and attempting to turn rival lord over to lackey sent by King of Vlandia to take lord. Anyone else get this?
  15. Resolved Can't proceed with dialog anymore (Persuasion bug)

    So I had to do this quest where a Lord assigns you to sell his mercenaries to another lord. To do that you have to do a persuasion test where you have to win two arguments. I quicksaved so I could try it on every lord present in the castle and then move on. But after doing it, if I enter any...
  16. Resolved Problem with the main quest

    So i started out a campaign where I was going to get rid of the Empire and I got to a certain point in the main quest where you build the banner and you talk to two people one person supports the Empire (female character don't remember her name), and the other person wants the empire to fall...
  17. Resolved Rival gang quest has a bug regarding companions

    If you choose to side with the rival gang and have a companion with you,then you will be forced to fight your own companion,which really doesn't make sense.The companion should switch sides along with you or should not be included in the fight.
  18. Resolved Completed Quest Remains Active - Changes Quest Type?

    I had completed a quest to clear out a bandit's nest for Luichan the Far-Farer. However, later on when checking my quest logs, I noticed that it still appears to be active. This is despite it stating the text informing me that I have completed the task. The text within the quest log for...
  19. Family Fued Quest

    Doing a family fued quest, and I failed the speech options with the Angry Family member, He attack, and after a couple seconds of fighting, and 3 of his men dying, they switch back to passive and are immortal. No dialogue, no quest completed, and i cant retrigger the dialogue. On a side note...
  20. Escorting Merchant Caravan glitch

    So I've been escorting some merchant caravans for quick and easy money for a while now, and recently I took upon another merchant escort quest for cash. I eventually lost sight of them, which was no biggie for me since I thought they'd just get ambushed and I can move on. The issue is, it has...
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