quest bug

  1. Need More Info Critical issue any save that goes past day 500 is unreadable

    i have tested this out on 3 different save games im not sure if its due to a quest state or due to the 500 day number. the only quest that it could be linked to is the conspiracy im at conspiracy 1040/2000.
  2. Specimen1334

    Quest Issue and some suggestions.

    Hey there, I am currently undertaking a Family Feud quest, running the latest patches and everything of course, and in the quest I am up to the part when I go talk to the wronged party in an attempt to make things right. I have the murderer in my party already, I go to the village specified...
  3. Need More Info Escrot merchant caravan bugged.

    Was trying to make money for my caravan since I was losing alot. Took a quest to follow a caravan. As Im following it I get caught by 2 steppe bandits, I get away but lose my men. The third time I get caught. When I escape and get some men I go back to the city it says the caravan was at. I go...
  4. Issue in Family Feud quest (bug?)

    Everytime I try to do this quest the npc that is suposed to accompany me to the other village doesn't appear as my companion in the "walk through land" mode. So the two npcs that has the conflict don't meet, and the dialogue doesn't show. Anyone having the same problem?
  5. Resolved "train troops Quest" failing if you do "rival gang quest"

    i have an issue, where the game says that the "train troops quest" fail if you complete a "rival gang quest" at the same time you have the other one active, no matter how you do it, either way you fail, for completion at least, you can always say "i don't want to do this" but it gives -5 rep...
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