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  1. Gerrodot


    I'm sorry for my English:cry: 1. Foreword So, at one time since the announcement of the class system in multiplayer, many swords were broken among our community in disputes and dissatisfaction with this system. At first I didn’t pay attention to this system and played with it for many months...
  2. Qwezz

    Archer perk suggestions/wishlist

    I know the video is a huge meme, but it gave me some ideas about perks for archery. "Master archer"-fire up to 3-4 arrows without having to reload.(Holding the arrows in your draw hand as shown in the video)Increasing reload time may be a potential drawback as to avoid making this perk too...
  3. Looking For Perk Info

    I have done a bit of hunting around the forums but haven't seen anything and I'm wondering if anyone else could provide some information on what the devs are doing with perk development. Even better would be if a dev could comment even if its something simple as more info soon, no news is not...
  4. Cri11e

    Perks functioning when?

    I really want to play Bannerlord again but I have no reason to do so unless all the perks starts functioning. When will this happen, do we have any date/timeline?
  5. Fix Classes with real PERKS

    Firstly, I realize this is a suggestion, but it is for the class system in general and how perks are implemented, rather than feedback on a specific class, so I didn't find a good place to post in the Feedback and Suggestions subforum... Okay, so obviously the class system needs work. In my...
  6. Playing as a Merc Clan

    Hi guys, Been playing as a merc clan on my latest campaign, fighting for X against Y then changing to fight for B vs A etc etc, very fun in general but I noticed a couple of things. A lot of perks don't apply to mercenary clans, a lot of the clan leader perks are centered around army...
  7. Rycon Caldestan

    Perks w/Secondary Info: Change to Bullet Points

    Just a quick thought to decrease visual clutter: please consider listing perk effects with bullet points. This would reduce the need of: “Also,” in all of the secondary perk effects. Example: Deflect (first option of 1h)
  8. Rhyuus

    Disciplinarian perk too late?

    I think the disciplinarian perk should be one of the first in the leadership skill tree, or even in another skill tree (eg. roguery) because: Leadership is hard to level at the beginning, but it's the first few days where you are actively hunting looters/bandits and eventually recruit them. At...
  9. Lornloth00

    Perks won't save in Beta 1.4

    Perks upgrades/changes won't save in Beta 1.4 on player or companions. I make changes and then come back to the menu only to have to make changes again.
  10. Resolved One-hand perks will not stay picked.

    Current version (opt out of all betas -- Steam). Windows 10. Picking one-handed perks and selecting "Done" fails to result in the perks being locked in. Going back to the character screen results in the perks needing to be picked over again. Steps to reproduce: - Play Bannerlord - Gain levels...
  11. limier

    Bug : Can't increase leadership or charm skills for companions in any way. edit : increase trade skills is done. (1.4.0 beta)

    the companion leading caravan need to be able to earn skills in trade. the governor of your towns and castles need to be able to earn skills in leadership and charm. creating and managing caravan still doesn't improve your trading skills either. edit : trading skills for companion is fixed in...
  12. ScienceDiscoverer

    Resolved Perkpoint is displayed as unused when all available perks already learned

    Somehow perk system bugged out and thinks my character have unused perk, when I already have all learned. I'm not shure if this issue only happens with smithing. I hope other players can confirm that.
  13. nuekboi

    Some perks need a rework. Every perk should provide a noticeable change and not just a tiny percentage stat boost

    By and large, the perk system is pretty good (minus the fact that it doesnt work right now, but still). There are two main issues with it I have ATM 1. Too many tiny percentage stat boosts, especially early on in weapons skills. 1.5% more damage with two handed weapons is pointless as a perk...
  14. Known issues about perks

    This post is all about singleplayer. Hello guys. I still wonder why you are not posting and fixing really annoying things about perks in Mount and Blade 2: All perks from Bow/Throwing/Riding/Athletics tree related to additional arrows/javelins at start of the battle are not working. All perks...
  15. Cri11e

    Priority nr1: Perks asap.

    Its simply THE biggest demotivator for people who wants to keep playing in sp. Especially for those who grind alot to get perks like e.g. merry men in roguery.
  16. Does the Shield Bearer perk make Long Strides obsolete? (One Handed perk tree)

    The title says it all... My character reached level 75 in One Handed and I have to decide what perk to pick. I'm using a shield so the natural pick for is Long Strides, but if maxing the One Handed skill and getting the Shield Bearer perk makes Long Strides obsolete, then I don't want to "waste"...
  17. Kakuna Rattata

    General Suggestions

    I would love to see some improvements to quality of life, of course after all the bugs are fixed. Smithing: Please include a smithing tutorial. Perhaps an NPC that tells you about it. I played for days and days before I realized you could have companions help you smith. Also, I would greatly...
  18. Kakuna Rattata

    Unresolved A swarm of bugs

    Version: The one before e1.2.0.226919 (I read the patch notes and did not see any fixes for these) Installed community-made modifications: N/A Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 bit Version 1909 Build 18363.778 GPU: Radeon R9 280x CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) x4 860K Quad Core 3.70 GHz RAM: 32 GB...
  19. Many perks don't work

    I would like to report that several perks don't work at all. Some examples: Reload crossbow/big bows while mounting. More ammo when start battle on foot/mounted. Those 4 perks are the easiest to detect, but sure it will be more insight bonus that doesn't work and need to be tested. This is...
  20. Resolved Some Perks are not working

    Summary: The following Steward perks are not working at all (not even by tooltip) Mat-at-Arms and Reeve. How To Reproduce: Just learn the required experience and level up to activate those perks. Version: Game Version Installed community-made modifications: none. Computer Specs OS: Windows 10...
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