Perks? Do they work?

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I know you guys randomly add which perks have just been enabled to the patch notes and leave it up to the community to keep up on tracking it. I for one find the perk system a key system to playing this game and get really frustrated even playing it that the perks don't work.

Is there a way to have a static thread that actually is regularly updated by the devs that say which perks actually work, so people can test and report correctly?


This is specifically a community thread where someone went through months and months of patch notes. This really shouldn't be handled by us and is just something the devs should do.
While I agree that it would be better if TW had their own up to date list that was managed, I created this list for the very reason that they don't. The list doesn't just come from patch notes. Many of the perks had been tested by the community and that is part of what goes in the list. There are also players who help by looking through the codes and confirming if perks are implemented, and some of the perk information came directly from devs clarifying perk information in various threads on the forums. While it is possible something can slip through the cracks, I work very hard to maintain the accuracy of the list.
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