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I wanted to get a feeling for an idea I had for a mod or to be added to Bannerlord. Legendary or Special perks that can only be unlocked from accomplishing a task. Such as
  • Gladiator Perk that you can only get from winning 50 tournaments.
    • Renown and Prize money in Tournaments tripled.
    • All owned shops gain percentage bonus based on Renown
  • Sword Master Perk for killing 250 people with a one handed sword.
    • 15% chance to negate armor of enemy.
    • Low level troops have 25% morale loss High level troops seek you out in battle
  • Death Incarnate for killing over 1000 people in battle.
    • All enemy troops lose morale when you kill an enemy
    • All soldiers in your army gain speed and damage output with every kill you make.
  • Kingslayer for killing or executing a leader of a clan or faction.
    • Powerful lords seek you out in battle
    • Weak lords run from your party
  • Tip of the Spear for killing 250 people with a lance.
    • Never break a lance
    • Crouch immediately

These are just a few examples and each one of these could add additional things that are not just stat increases but to trigger conversations where npcs acknowledge your skills based on the perk. These are just some examples but I wanted to see if this is something people are interested in for a possible mod if not added by TW.


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I think these serve better as achievements.

All these perk % modifiers we already have are bad enough as it is imo. Perks should help frame a playthrough, not just be passive percentages.

What I mean is that perks should open new avenues of gameplay. Being rewarded a perk because you already played a certain way is the direct opposite.

If you are a Skyrim player, Ordinator perk mod is the perfect example on how to do perks right. Most of the perks in the mod either help support unique playstyles or make some unique playstyles possible to begin with.

Just my opinion, your mile may vary, all that polite good stuff.


Good ideas, but I don't see them working as perks either. Currently all perks are based on skill progression, so you are talking about a total rework of the system to have perks not based on skill progression. Perhaps they might be better served as part of the character trait system. Currently there are character traits that have a variety of influence on the game and can also affect some conversations. These ideas would serve really well there. I think it would add to immersion if something like slaying 1000 enemies made a difference in conversation.


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There should be clan perks you buy every clan level and everyone in the clan gets them :wink:

Yea that would be cool. "Clan Achievements" would be good that provides some benefits. Maybe they have a time expiration? Or the action has to be repeated so forth the effects to last.


Good idea, but these examples are not that hard to pull off. Might as well get the Sword Master perk while working on the Gladiator perk.


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All of the ideas you posted are just grinds, nothing legendary about them. There's no challenge to any of them, just stick to it for long enough and you will eventually unlock them.
There should be clan perks you buy every clan level and everyone in the clan gets them :wink:


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I wish there where perks for doing things like the emblems in "Tactics Ogre: Knight of lotus".
I hope it's easy to mod it perks and abilities for Bannerlord, I'd love to have them all replaced.


There should be clan perks you buy every clan level and everyone in the clan gets them :wink:

I do really like this idea, this might actually work better and could really flesh out the clans as there could be economic or war or different categories you work towards as a clan. Raid 500 villages or something.
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