[Suggestion] Split up Disciplinarian Perk

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The Disciplinarion Perk is good. In fact it's so good,the author of bannerlordperks.com (Who was that again?) urges you to get this perk.

Thats because Tier 4 bandits can be converted to the noble line of their respective cultures troops. Which is good, and, I guess, the reason, why you get Discplinarian comparatively late.

This however severly limits its worth for converting Tier 4 and lower bandits (other than sturgia), since you'll likely have access, to most of the normal troops much more conviniently.

So I propose to have to perks. An early Apprentice Disciplinarian perk not later as 50 points to convert bandits up to tier 3 to normal troops and an Advanced Disciplinarian perk to convert tier 4 to the noble line. Also the perk(s) should not have a competing perk. Players will rarely pick the competing one since it would derive them of a part of gameplay.
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