'Match finished returning to lobby' is just a renamed server crash

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Crashes in MP have always persisted, they never truly go away and have only seen some marginal improvement over the years. It used to be that a very frequent crash would occur once a game had ended where a message would display 'Awaiting server' and never resolve, instead forcing players to quit out. This was eventually replaced with the same screen except the text was changed to 'Match finished returning to lobby'. However, once this message appears, the server disappears from the server browser, AND any shared regional servers go down too. It happened just now, where the EU TDM server 'finished' the match, but as soon as it did the EU siege server went down too. There's no need to boot players out for what are meant to be servers with a 24/7 up time. I believe that Taleworlds has genuinely just renamed a server crash so as to avoid reports, which if true, is incredibly unprofessional. Would love to hear some clarification from TW staff on this, because it's a daily occurrence still, after 4 years.
This is the servers' setup fault. It is however very standartized by the default configs that were given out by TaleWorlds.
Only if the servers use the automated_battle_mode and the automated_battle_count -1 do they "never" end.
After that it only ends on a real crash. (Which they try to avoid by having the servers restart regularily)
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