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launcher wont launch

  1. Need More Info Game wont start after hitting play on launcher

    Summary: The launcher loads after hitting play on steam but after that nothing happens and the launcher is still running in my task manager. Ive looked over threads and tried the workarounds but nothing is working. It was working fine a few months ago and I don't know why its not working now...
  2. Resolved Cannot Save Game

    Summary: The game will not save. When I save in the game there is no error message and it says "Game Saved" but when I try to load a save or go into the saves folder in the game folders there are no new saves found. Additionally, when I try to launch the game through Steam, the launcher will pop...
  3. Resolved Launcher Problem

    Hello Tale Worlds People 2 or 3 days ago I bought M&B:Bannerlord on Steam. Then I started to play 3-4 hours. However, when I wanted to play again I could not open the game cuz launcher icon pop up then disappear. I am not using any mods btw These thing that I tried to open M&B:Bannerlord Clean...
  4. Bannerlord Launcher Açılmıyor

    Merhabalar, Ben dün steam den Bannerlord aldım. Fakat oyunum açılmadı bugün forumda dolaştım ve tüm çözümleri denedim değişen bir şey yok 1)dosyaları doğruladım açılmadı 2)bin dosyasını sildim, dosylaarı doğruladım açılmadı 3)belgelerden mount and blade dosyasını sildim yine açılmadı bin...
  5. Need More Info Game will not start after launcher

    Hello My Bannerlord game doesnt seem to want to start, after the launcher appears when i launch on steam. After numerous attempts to try to fix this issue, hours has gone by and nothing works. Im trying to play bannerlord on steam, but the launcher appears, i press singleplayer and play, but...
  6. Need More Info Bannerlord Launcher Crashes, Bannerlord.exe Works With No Issue.

    So I am having a problem like many others before me have. The Bannerlord Launcher launches for 2-3 seconds then crashes. The Executables also didnt work, however, after reinstalling Battle-Eye, the executables work again. So I can launch the game and play no problem but if I ever want to install...
  7. Resolved The game crashes at launch: "BannerlordLauncher has stopped working"

    The game crashes at launch: "BannerlordLauncher has stopped working" I'm on Win7. Here is some info that may be useful Problem signature: Problem Event Name: CLR20r3 Problem Signature 01: O4D2V1XY1KJZ25ZMBTLQFYZHRMBIGUST Problem Signature 02: Problem Signature 03...
  8. Lonewarrior

    Resolved General Mod tools do not launch in version 1.5.4

    When the mod tools are launched after the 1.5.4 update an error occurrs saying it cant find the launcher. I have validated steam for the mod tools and the main bannerlord game and it still does not work Here is a screenshot of the messege:
  9. Need More Info Launcher not opening

    Hi, I'm having issues with the game launcher crashing before i can even see it come up on my screen. I've checked my driver for updates, verified files, deleted all mods, deleted program files, reinstalled twice, etc. Are there any solutions to this? Thanks :)
  10. Nachtel

    Unresolved Warband Launcher will not start. How do I fix this?

    I am on Windows 10. I was playing Warband as usual, until one day I clicked "Play" and the launcher wouldn't even open. It would just saying "starting" then stop. I tried using the exe file, but it didn't do anything. I've tried absolutely everything, including reinstalling and repairing Windows...
  11. Bannerlord Launcheri açılmıyor

    Bu hata 1.5.0 dan beri oluyor steamdan oyunu başlat diyince sadece görev çubuğunda birkaç saniye gözüküyor launcher sonra kapanıyor oyun dosyalarındanda açmayı denedim launcheri yönetici olarakda çalıştırmayı denedim.Oyun dosyalarından direk oyunu açabiliyorum ama Multiplayer oynayamıyorum
  12. Kraiten

    Resolved Yeni Yamadan Sonra Launcher Açılmıyor.

    Oyuna yeni güncelleme geldiğinden beri oyuna steam üzerinden veya kısayoldan giremiyorum. Oyunun dosyalarına girip launcher olmadan başlatabiliyorum ancak modları yönetemiyorum. Bu sorunun çözümü nedir?
  13. Need More Info Launcher crashing, Siege crashing

    Summary: Hello, since the patch before the last one i can't launch the game from desktop launcher attached is an image of the error window. However after reading through the forums i figured i am able to launch the game from steamapps folder without the launcher. I still want to figure out how...
  14. Resolved No launcher load / Save/load game crashing fix (possibly)

    This may or may not help people but I figured since it took me 2 days to realize something so simple I wanted to bang my head on the wall lol.... I was playing fine then my launcher would not LOAD at all through steam. The EXE file would work but then saving and loading saves would crash the...
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